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  1. Thanks Chillidoggy and andyclements ... will try the airline and see whats hissing ! ... have a great day.
  2. compression tests on all 4 when they are up to temp ... 3 is low when hot !! all 4 are same when cold !!
  3. Thanks chillidoggy ... tried that ! ... still missing when hot ! ... all new HT leads, new electronic module in distributor, complete engine rebuild ! ... new carb kits and fully reconditioned, new plugs, ... getting to think it a valve issue as it only occurs once engine is up to temp !
  4. Any ideas anybody ?? doesn't misfire when its cold ! ... only cylinder 3 ??
  5. HELP !! ... stuck in Africa with a 75 Elite ... does anyone have blueprint measurements for a 2.2 cam and pistons ???
  6. Hey Chris ... Cape Town has changed ..A LOT .. still beautiful ... but definitely no "old" Lotus parts available.
  7. Thanks Dan ... me too ... living in Cape Town is beautiful ... but so backward and slow in so many ways !!. Stay lucky. N.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the response guys ... yeah great mascot on the bonnet ... it was for the USA Lotus 50 years celebration special magazine or advert about 8 years ago ... it doesn't have aircon and dont think it ever has had ... not in my time anyway ! ... i will ask the engine guy to measure the stroke (whatever that means !) ... and send photo of the crack in the block (got a feeling the block is away at an engineering firm at the moment) and send the details thru ... big thanks for your assistance Andy ... much appreciated.
  9. Hey .. Im "one of those" !! .. know nothing about cars and went out 12 years ago and bought a 1975 Elite here in Cape Town .. ran well for 1st 8 years, "mechanic" Man close by "serviced" it but then it got pushed to the back of the garage and hardly ever went out for a run ! ... recently and finally "tidied" up garage and of course car wont start ... fuel this !... electrics that...! carbs this ...! and so on ! .... so ... local rebuilt and refurbished fuel tank... complete rewire throughout .. then off to the carburetor "specialist" guy (yeah right! ... it's bad enough here to find a bartender to pull a beer right !!!) ... anyway ... he managed to get it "chugging" over ... only to now find that the power steering pump and hydraulics were no longer working ... so ... off the "bartenders" friend that "specializes" in truck hydraulics ... and ... 8 months later ... he does a good job and the steering now is smooth !! ... on the "chugging" engine ! ... so ... now off to another carburetor "specialist" ... who says ... carbs ok ... problem with engine compression !! ... cool .. "so what do we do next ?" ... "we must take the engine out and have a look see !! ... OK ... lets do it ! ... " Helo sir i need to meet you this motor in not so good sir so please let me know where wee can meet over the weekend pls" off i go ! ... he has "measured" the engine ... and says its not a 2l but a 2.2 l .... the block (at the top of the pistons) is cracked but thinks it can be "welded" but need new pistons and sleeves ... "can i get some ?" .... i say ... we need somehow identify if this is the 907 (2l) engine or the 912 engine (2.2l) given that its a 1975 elite ... it should (by the looks of things !) be a series 1, 907 engine 2l !i say send the numbers that are on the block !!! ... he says ... there are 2 ... and sent the below with a message ... we need "oversize" ... SO ... back to the beginning of this thread ... "I'm one of those!" ... know nothing about cars or anything mechanical !! ... and my HELP question is ... anybody out there "understand" these numbers and able to identify which engine this is ?? ... so that i can try and figure out what parts i need and from whom i can get them ??? ... Nigel Wood, Pensioner, living and loathing, Cape Town, South Africa. [email protected]
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