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  1. Sorry that I'm just now getting back to this thread. 318-792-5631 cell
  2. 89 OK????? 39K black interior. 18,000.00 firm
  3. Have an 89 SE. Fans are making a weird noise and not spinning. Where would I purchase new ones or should I put aftermarket fans on there?
  4. Greg Zelinski Alexandria, La. USA 1989 SE White SCCFC20A1KHF65188
  5. Well, let it be known that I Love my lil 5000.00 dollor Fiero more than anything in my collection but yes, it really is not a pleasure to drive. Its a 92hp 4cly w/4:10 gears and redlines ae 75 mph. But on the other hand the V6 models are the ones I actually like to drive, they are peppy and fun lil cars. I have the Indy for Garage art.
  6. Your paint man needs to go back and do something about those runs on the quarter where it meets the rear bumper.
  7. I really enjoyed this video. I had no clue that there were that many different Lotus variations made, some looked like grocery getters!
  8. Still trying to decide on number 5 Now remeber. You said the most beautiful, no matter there shortcomings!
  9. No. My NSX is my daily. I have only put 1000 miles on the Lotus in two full years. Just for comparision sake: 30K on the NSX in a lil over 2 yrs. about 50K a yr spread out over an assortment of other cars that I either own or have on my car lot For Sale. O' and only 100 miles a yr in my Indy Fiero
  10. Maybe only the 89 had the higher wing. I know I read somewhere the wing was higher but don't remember which years exactly was. I'm running the stock chip. The exhaust was on the car when I bought it a couple of years ago. I love the dual look but its waaaay too quiet for me. As far as the NSX being faster? Well mine is only because I have every bolt on made for it. If it was stock to stock the Esprit would kill it. I ran a best of 13:1 @ 107 in the NSX last year. Average times were 13:2's.
  11. Not modified to my knowledge. I was under the impression that the 89 and 90's were higher than the later SE's????
  12. I got off work a couple of hours early and thought I would go play with a couple of my cars. Plus I owned the Esprit for a couple of years now and had no video of it at all. Theres also a few more vids on there I posted
  13. Man, that is great. I would be all over that, matter of fact, what am I doing here. Time to go Elise shopping!!!!
  14. A friend of mine just got back from the Toyko Auto Salon show with 500 pics, and as I was looking though I came across. Please do not flame me if I'm behind the times, but I have never seen a Honda powered Elise before.
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