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  1. Sorry that I'm just now getting back to this thread. 318-792-5631 cell
  2. 89 OK????? 39K black interior. 18,000.00 firm
  3. Have an 89 SE. Fans are making a weird noise and not spinning. Where would I purchase new ones or should I put aftermarket fans on there?
  4. Greg Zelinski Alexandria, La. USA 1989 SE White SCCFC20A1KHF65188
  5. Well, let it be known that I Love my lil 5000.00 dollor Fiero more than anything in my collection but yes, it really is not a pleasure to drive. Its a 92hp 4cly w/4:10 gears and redlines ae 75 mph. But on the other hand the V6 models are the ones I actually like to drive, they are peppy and fun lil cars. I have the Indy for Garage art.
  6. Your paint man needs to go back and do something about those runs on the quarter where it meets the rear bumper.
  7. I really enjoyed this video. I had no clue that there were that many different Lotus variations made, some looked like grocery getters!
  8. Still trying to decide on number 5 Now remeber. You said the most beautiful, no matter there shortcomings!
  9. No. My NSX is my daily. I have only put 1000 miles on the Lotus in two full years. Just for comparision sake: 30K on the NSX in a lil over 2 yrs. about 50K a yr spread out over an assortment of other cars that I either own or have on my car lot For Sale. O' and only 100 miles a yr in my Indy Fiero
  10. Maybe only the 89 had the higher wing. I know I read somewhere the wing was higher but don't remember which years exactly was. I'm running the stock chip. The exhaust was on the car when I bought it a couple of years ago. I love the dual look but its waaaay too quiet for me. As far as the NSX being faster? Well mine is only because I have every bolt on made for it. If it was stock to stock the Esprit would kill it. I ran a best of 13:1 @ 107 in the NSX last year. Average times were 13:2's.
  11. Not modified to my knowledge. I was under the impression that the 89 and 90's were higher than the later SE's????
  12. I got off work a couple of hours early and thought I would go play with a couple of my cars. Plus I owned the Esprit for a couple of years now and had no video of it at all. Theres also a few more vids on there I posted
  13. Man, that is great. I would be all over that, matter of fact, what am I doing here. Time to go Elise shopping!!!!
  14. A friend of mine just got back from the Toyko Auto Salon show with 500 pics, and as I was looking though I came across. Please do not flame me if I'm behind the times, but I have never seen a Honda powered Elise before.
  15. The mechanic told me this aluminum peice was "mushroomed out" Where can I get another one? I heard there was an New & Improved shifter linkage and/or parts, is that true? Because even when thw shifting on this car was not sloppy, it still was not a pleasure to row thru the gears!
  16. When you say N/A onwards, what do you mean?
  17. Here is a picture of a guys 89 SE on Ferrari chat and I noticed my 89 SE does not have it, should it?
  18. WOW, you've been on here a yr. and I have the honor of your first post. Thats cool. Thank-you. I will try all these possiblities and report back.
  19. My 89 SE starts up fine every morning (except 1 time) but if I drive it for a lil while and go into the store it may or may not start back up. It will turn over plenty fast(So battery is not the issues, TRUST ME). Usually in the past if I wait about 5 minutes it will start back up. But today in the 100 degree heat in front of all of the onlookes in front of my Bank, guess what?, No start! I call a ride and after waiting 30 minutes for ride to get there I try 1 more time and it starts right up. HELP! I took it to the shop before and they said they could not duplicate the problem. They had it for two months.
  20. Thank-you Tony & Greg for the compliments. One can never it them enough!!
  21. Well, they are not that fast and in-expensive to purchase but they are bt far my favorites in the collection. The Indy 500 Pace Fiero is the only one I don't ever drive for fear of messing it up. I re-aranged so I could fit more cars in the Garage so here is an up-dated picture. Still left out of the Garage is the Lotus(in the shop), Both SL's(shop), XK8(shop), and the wifes E Class. Oh and I sold the red 88 Vette for a 95 Admiral Blue one.
  22. Here is a few more shots of the inside. Its really hard to get the whole Garage in one photo. The 4th Bay on the end untill I restore the shed out back has all my junk Here is a shot from the back This is the office that is through the door on the far right. This shot is looking back at the door on the front
  23. Looks "Ricer" to me. Not that I don't like it , but it sure is wild looking!
  24. I take it you guys daily drive your Lotus's? Better men than me, I try my best to get in it about 3 times a week.
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