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    Esprit S4s
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    Exhaust, LED lights

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  1. Hi All I’ve ordered some Advan Ad08 for the fronts. Only Yoko for the rear are 295/35 r18 in the Advan v105 or, possibly, I can get 275/35 r18 Advan Fleva v701. Any experience with these rear choices? Any preferences?
  2. Mark Chadwick

    S4S Seats

    Hi All, The seats on the S4S are reasonable condition, but not perfect. Thinking of having them re-trimmed, but wanted to know when anyone has any seats for sale that are in poor condition and in need of refurb? Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi All, I've traded my M100 and bought an S4s. Very happy! The car came with V8 wheels, and I'd like to get it back on the original wheels. Anyone got some kicking around that they no longer need? Cheers, Mark
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