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  1. @notabene That's fantastic, makes me wish I had access to a 3D printer. I received the part last Thursday from Deroure and clipped the lock barrel in from the old cap. All is as it should be. Still, I think it would be helpful if someone has any suggestions on what other cars' fuel caps we can use in case this happens to anyone else. Drive safe, everyone.
  2. Hi all, I went to get my car filled at a petrol station (here we have employees at the pump to take care of it while you wait in the car). Long story short, the cap wouldn't lock back in and I realised that it was because some of the plastic pieces on the inside of the cap had broken off. The lock barrel is still intact, which is lucky, considering the cost of a replacement cap from lotus plus the barrel. Does anyone know which other cars' fuel caps are compatible with the V6 Exige slot? It seems to have smaller-than-normal spaces for a regular fuel cap to fit its "teeth" in. I live in the Gulf and we don't have a Lotus dealership where I am as of yet, so I'm at the mercy of the logistics company I'm using to get the (ridiculously priced) part shipped over and I'm looking for a temporary solution till then. Thanks,
  3. Hello all. New here. I got this beauty a couple of months ago. It's getting more and more difficult to not drive it all the time. This was at a Cars and Coffee meet. Photo credit goes to my very talented relative.
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