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  1. Holy mother , that's some reply there TomE, thanks so much for the welcome and the bible of advice....amazing support thanks so much. The maserati was a nightmare when it came to faults and maintemenace so I'm hoping a lotus may well be a little less troublesome. Yet I totally understand the hand built niggles all of these exotics suffer. Having owned italian for the last 15 years i think I'm prepped . The advice is appreciated and will be duly taken on board. Thankyou to all for taking the time to fire some advice and take the time to give me some pointers. Le
  2. Awesome gents spent the afternoon scouring the net. I'll be honest I love the thought of the extra pace the newer cars have but tbh I personally prefer the lines of the s1 . I'm probably commuting a cardinal sin saying that but I love the more rounded shape than the aggressive angular bodywork. I'm working NY way through teh forum at the min trying to find the main if any faults I should be looking for on a used example
  3. Wow cheers all, great welcome . Thank you for the early advice on the evora... in all honesty I'm not after a hardcore track weapon just the odd day here and there at oultan park to get my kicks. I will be using which ever I choose as a daily so I need a few creature comforts, oakmere is on the cards for thursday pm so will let you all know what triggers my fancy. Looking forward to that early xmas present with full wife buy in so and that's a rarity in this house . Right . Off back to the internet prowl to see what's on offer. Will keep you posted. Oh and Ramje
  4. Cheers buddy. Looking forward to getting some real world advice. I'm all youtubed out with how many videos I've watched on the evora. Andy
  5. Evening all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm not really a forum veteran so unsure on the correct etiquette but here goes. Currently a maserati and ducati owner from chester and making the leap, fingers crossed over to the lotus fraternity. I'm selling both my italian beauties to finance my first purchase of your beloved brand. I love my current wheels but the sparkle has gone and need to feed that track and road craving with one focused machine. I'm currently looking at the evora /evora S and hoping to get a little advice in what I should be looking for in a used low mile
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