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  1. Hello Don, Thanks for that, I've seen posts on differing websites stating different numbers and I was sure I'd seen the 3 LHD Eclat Riviera quoted before ? Have you got a link to the car for sale in the south and by 'strong money' I guess you mean it's a bit overpriced ? What would consider to be a reasonable price for one in this condition? Cheers
  2. The guys name is Sascha, I guess he is/was known in the Lotus scene at some point, he must have been on a buying spree a decade ago, lives in Frankfurt. He said there are 3 LHD Eclat Riviera's, 2 in France and his or had you mean the Elite Riviera? He's liquidising some assets at the moment, although I believe he intends to keep the remaining Lotus's he has.? If you want his number, I could ask if it's ok to pass it over?
  3. So after inspecting the car in dying light, I've found a few questionable areas.... The Vin is SCC084912BHD11077, with colour code of A15. So its original colour should be Helleblau (it looks quite dark for light blue) and there are definitely clues to the rear quarter panels having been previously resprayed. There is also a little star cracking in 3 spots in the under half of the rear quarters. There are some loose chrome trims (rusted clips) and a vinyl trim around one window is also missing. Generally the body looks ok but trims, decals and rubbers all look a bit shabby, especially in c
  4. I've read a couple of blogs about Lotus's found after many years of resting in one spot and they all seem to say the same thing, "replace the cam belt first" !! haha So yes, it would be the first mechanical job under taken. If I do end up with her, she'd be rolled on to a trailer and taken to a mates garage, where he has a lift and space to house her as unfortunately I don't have a garage she'd fit in. Also unfortunately he lives 600km away around Berlin, but with winter coming I don't see another option. In the ad it's mentioned that the colour ' Tissot Blue Metallic' was a one-off (at l
  5. Fabulous, I'll take that with me tomorrow ! The search does seem a bit rich, but well worth it in the end I guess, it may save me buying a muck-up Riv What does 'Hethel' mean? Getting more excited about the prospect by the minute. OK just saw this on the link "Hand made in Hethel" 🙄
  6. So, the head linings not meant to look like that ! I've not seen it in person and wasn't sure whether it was meant to work like that or not ! 🙂 I'm trying not to get too excited before I look under the car ! Going by the pictures does it stack up as a real Riviera?
  7. Thanks guys, I have an appointment to view the car tomorrow, can't wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak. My aim is to purchase an investment car I can take home to Australia, (when and if we ever return) that will not lose value even if we never return. I first noticed the car as it was RHD and have since become quite excited about the idea. Obviously I don't want to buy a money pit or something that isn't what it first seems to be, hence the questions on what to look for and the questioning of its true heritage as a Riviera. What numbers should I be looking for and where would they
  8. Firstly, Hello, I'm new here :-) Now down to business! I'm looking at purchasing a 82 Lotus Eclat Riviera, apparently it's been sitting around for about 15years and has 75k on the clock. The motor turns but the current owner hasn't tried starting it yet. Being totally new to Lotus I'm a little unsure about what I should be looking for, has anyone got any advice about typical areas to inspect? Also, I've noticed from the pictures that the interior is cloth and not leather, is that possible in the Riviera? Thanks in advance Darren
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