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  1. Hi I'm looking at a Yellow Evora SR and wanted to try and trace the previous owner of it. Does anyone know the previous owner of SN64 BVE from East Lothian? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Mik, I have already been through that thread hence I have seen the Chrome orange SR. I have also spoken to another owner who has the 2014 Chrome orange S, the only one produced that year. I know how rare they are just thought I would see if anybody knows the car and if it may be coming up for sale any time soon. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi, I currently the look out for a S1 Sports racer and would really like a Chrome Orange one. I know they produced a 2014 special order S model and a sports racer (SR) in 2015. Does anyone know if the SR still exists and if it does who owns it? If it does exist I need to know if they are teh sort of person who intends to keep it for 6 months or has no intention of letting it go? I would really like a bright colour S model and Chrome orange seems to be my favourite at the moment. I just want to try and understand if I am looking for the unobtainable and if I am either look for another colour, maybe either Yellow of Daytona blue or get one either wrapped or resprayed in the colour that I want Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck Dave
  4. Does anyone know who owns the Chrome orange sports racer?
  5. So looks like it isn't Wozas car. Guy bought from Leeds Lotus in the Wetherby area near Leeds and has owned it since. The plot thickens. So it looks like it is ' the other one'!
  6. Thanks for the response s. I'm currently trying to get hold of the garage to tell me who the previous owner is. If the reg is different then it may be the other one?
  7. I'm currently looking at buying my first Evora after having a vx220 for the past 14 years. I will be using it for my daily driver and have seen an orange sports racer that i'm interested in so just wanted to know if anybody knows it. The reg is YJ64 AGO Thanks in advance Dave
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