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  1. Is there an after market fuel filler cap that doesn’t need a key? aluminium would be ideal.
  2. Do the pads have a 'early-warning' component built into them, like some pads have a metal band that makes a noise to show the pads are wearing down?
  3. You can get the warning coded out so the light turns off after a couple of seconds and no chime.
  4. Apologies if this has been done before, but why is there a different centre ‘spine’ between cars, it seems a bit random ie. same model but different style?
  5. Dealer put this switch in my 410, works a treat, took 15 minutes, no reprogramming and the display in the dash shows up when it is open/closed. It so much more convenient than blocking off the hose, I can drive to the office early and keep the neighbours happy then open it on the way home when I need to clear my head.
  6. No I haven't tried them, just looking for options as there aren't many and it seemed in a similar category. I suspect the Trefeos will be have a lower track time. I am looking for an acceptable balance between track and street as I have been dailying the 410 for most of the week, so its important for me to get an tyre that is acceptable on track as well as coping with a cold/wet drive in traffic rather than outright lap time, particularly as my driving capability is well below that of the lotus.
  7. Doc, Did you consider the Yokohama AD08R at all? Appear to be available in Australia in the correct sizes.
  8. In my 410, and probably the 350, the wiring loom for the exhaust button to open the valve is still there, just not the button, so instead of blocking the pipe I got the dealer to wire in a switch so I can now open and close the exhaust at the press of the button. It may also be coded in somehow as the ex.vale open message comes up on the dash screen.
  9. Doc, I am in Melbourne and will have the same dilemma, interested In the how you find the Trofeos and cost difference between SSC supplies Michelin’s.
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