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  1. I went through this and picked up the one below. It has been a ripper. Sits between wheel and door, doesn't block any vision, suctions to the dash, hasn't fallen off, cheap.
  2. I cant recall exactly, but i think it was $120, certainly less than $200 either way. They sourced a different switch as the OE switch was not available, works like a treat, and as much as I love the exhaust open I really like being able to close it as reduces the amount my neighbors hate me I am keen to do HC Targa Tour but my codriver may not be available as it was delayed, so still thinking about it. Its a shame I cant do it on my own.
  3. The SSC Melbourne guys put the button in mine, it was simple enough that they did it in a break on a track day, so unless your harness is different not sure why they wouldn't get it sorted, speak to Mark.
  4. I was looking a these on the Porsche configurator, these i think are my favorite
  5. I am planning on buying a 2nd set of wheels for my Racing Green 410, so I can swap over tyres on cold/wet days where Cup2s aren't as much fun. I am interested in others opinions on whether to buy Gold or Satin Black (factory color) wheels, same style.
  6. This is my dodgy AF drawing around the area, so the whole sill from behind the front wheel is done as usual then an additional layer over where is it highlighted, which is where all my damage was done and can be taken off and replaced for less than 1/2 the price etc.
  7. will love it. I tore up the PPF (did its job perfectly) on the sills after going a little wide at PI, when I replaced it and got a double layer, base layer covered the complete sill, as normal, the second one partially covers it, like the factory, which will make it cheaper and quicker to replace when it gets destroyed next time....and in that part of the exige there will be a next time..
  8. My Cup 2s are coming up for replacement and I am considering the options, replace with same, try A052s (I am doing handful of track days a year) or move to a more road based tyre that is better in the wet, in daily traffic etc. Sizing is a problem as i would like PS4S, but PS4 in a 275/35 are available, not ideal but seems pretty close. Interested in others experiences and opinions.
  9. I was looking at this and as above the dealer said it was do drama to retro fitted, just needs a couple of holes, as above, my biggest issues were the availability of the soft top (might be a local thing) and that 9 out of 10 I see on the road drive with the roofs on (which is a local thing).
  10. Mine works fine, it was installed by the dealer and I haven't really touched it, the data logging for TD is great and having a speedo I can read "in the moment" is license saving...I have no complaints and there are have been a large number of these being installed now. Reading through the comments it appears to be the early adopters and those that like to fettle that appear to have the issues...which I think is entirely unsurprising and to be expected.
  11. Yeah, my fuel lights comes on around then as well. Haven’t quite got into the rhythm of it, ie how much fuel is left but guessing around 10 litres, so ~100km depending on how it is being driven.
  12. How do Yokohama A052s, (which are available in the correct size), compare to Cup 2s? Are they equivalent in their respective ranges?
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