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  1. I have a 1997 V8 Turbo. The turbo boost gauge reads 0. I noticed that the gauge needle falls to the left when the engine is off and comes up to the "0" line when the engine operates. I thought the pressure sending unit (cylindrical part near the ECU) was the issue. I replaced it and there is no change. I wonder if the wastegate solenoid valve would be the cause? From what I read here, if the solenoid fails, the turbo gets full boost. Therefore the gauge should read some level of pressure? Where else should I look to troubleshoot? Thank you for your help Raulg
  2. I am located in Virginia USA. I placed an order (and paid of) a couple of weeks ago through the website. I received a message that an order confirmation would be issued to me. It has been 2 weeks since, after I sent multiple emails inquiring about the order and I haven't heard back. If anyone has any information about this company, I would appreciate your sharing it here, RG
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