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  1. Hello, I have the following issue, if anyone has any experience with a similar issue and couple provide there fix or some advise that would be great. Problem: driver side window doesn't drop when opening the door and doesn't return when closed. (position is droped 20mm (opening distance) all the time) History: Had the problem back late 2019, got it all sorted replaced the full window motor assembly, this has fixed it for about 6 months. Current status: The issue is back however there is a lot more moment, as in its seems to try and close (rises fully then a second later drops a little) and it does this ever 10-15 seconds, its like its trying or knows it needs to close... sensor issue? When i original had the issue checked the fuse, think there was a thing about truing all the internal light off.. Any help or advice would be appreciated
  2. I can't seem to get it, the leaver is underneath at the back of the center console.. however when i push it down doesn't seem to release the center pannel on the front. Is there a nack to this or an alternative way to jimmy it open? Thanks
  3. Update: All fitted most of it working thanks to Bruss, appreciate the help. One thing i cant seem to figure out is how to get the sub working... powered it through anntena powere however still no go.. does anyone have a diagram of the stock audio sytem layout?
  4. Cool that makes sence, thanks for the help. Another one do the areial to dab splitters work?
  5. Actually panic over! Think from the excel I can map it over... however may be a terminolagy thing but im not sure what powere control or dimmer is o the kenwood. And were to put the sub amp, antenna power and side light on the lotus. Also what is a rgb input terminal was what was plugged into this.
  6. Well.. not what i planned though i had the wiring diagrams down between the alpine and kenwood. But i cant find yellow and have extra cables. Was just going to cut the alpine block and splice to kenwood... but missing a few wires.
  7. Fair play.. thats what i was hoping to avoide. Was hoping to just make up the lotus connecor to kenwood. But looks like im going to have to cut off the lotus/alphe and bodge my kenwood directly to that. Thanks for the help.
  8. Awsome, was thinking the same thing going straigh from the lotus connector to the kenwood. Were did you get the lotus compatable connector from? I think its a 16pin something or other... however can only find the male version.
  9. Hello,I know there is may threads on replacing the head unit however am still struggling with a couple of things. So im trying to replace my alphin head unit in my 09 Evora with kenwood android play unit. Want to avoide cutting the OEM loom to bits if possible, is there a OEM to x loom ive seen images of the OEM to pioneer loom which people then cut up.. but i cant find were to purchase? Or does anyone know the connection name for the alpine unit, tried finding the female verson but no look. I want to if posable do all the splicing in the comfort of my shed and not messting with the car loom to much. The only one i know i have to splice in car is probly the reverse cable. Thanks Mark
  10. Hello everyone, I have traided the GT86 for a 2009 Lotus Evora and am extremely pleased with the car. This will be my first Lotus.
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