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  1. Hi Mike, still have that spare motor and gear box? will you separate? What do you want for the motor? G;-)
  2. 34.300 miles, cam belt drive puley bolt backed out. 6 bent valves, replaced lifters, freshened valve job, new gasket set, about $2200. I have replaced 2 oil pressure switches due to leakage. When the second one started leaking I cut it open, gutted it and welded the hole shut, no leakage since it was reinstalled. The A/C was leaking from the compressor at the manifold interface, due to poorly machined manifold mating surface. Took two attempts to fix properly. Dash lights were intermittant, fault turned out to be improperly seated pin in relay connector. Currently passenger window do
  3. Hi There, I just had my passenger window get stuck all the way down ('99 sport 350). I could not get it to go up, until I turned the car off and removed the key, on reinserting the key and turning it on the window went back up. I lowered the window down again and had the same stuck condition. Removing tyhe key and reinserting it allowed me to raise the window again. Does anyone know what the fix is? G;-)
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