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  1. Heading over tomorrow to get the fuel rack recall done eventually and have a booking for the Evija look around.
  2. Thanks @Mike150. Just what I needed i will have a look at this and make some careful adjustments
  3. I seem to have an issue with the door seals on my Elise S3 220 windows. The window to seal contact appears pretty poor. Water enters the car when washing down the windows (leading edge) and even at times when driving in heavy rain at motorway speeds. Wind noise is also and issue. I was comparing the seal contact on another 220 the other day and I could see the rubber was visibly in contact with the window whereas mine doesn't seem to be. Is this normal for a Lotus and I have to live with it or a 'build' issue that needs adjustment?
  4. I purchased a new 220 last October and do not have any cold start or warm running hesitation or stutter. Sounds like an issue there which needs diagnosed . Perhaps an issue with the MAF sensor? I am at a loss as to why the dealer said this was normal feature?
  5. Thanks That looks very neat. I ended up making my own using a 50mm alloy box section in a very similar fashion to the link you sent. Mine doesn't look as good but it works perfectly
  6. Agreed. There is no escaping his ability. He would be a much more plausible role model if he was more personable and able to discuss more mundane topics with a degree of humour. The points he is vocal on are quite polarised and because of his lifestyle/sponsorship leaves him open to easy challenge which he doesn't appear to recognise.
  7. That's great news and Hamilton is much more central than previous mentioned locations. Still have my recall work to get done so will book in shortly. On a another update David Hayton are moving their Lotus servicing away from Carlisle to Penrith. Received an Email this morning.
  8. Lack of communication and support for customers requiring dealer support and warranty for their vehicles Lotus simply didn't provide it.
  9. I can confirm I got my service plan payments (3 off) from the receivers.
  10. Glad to hear you got thing's resolved and stuck to getting a positive outcome.
  11. Thanks Twin Rotor. The drive from Berwick to Penrith provides some Epic driving opportunities both ways so hence I was leaning that way. But I will use Park's if it doesn't come off.
  12. Update from Hayton Carlisle is that warranty work will still not be available for Lotus for some time. They are trying to book me in for the fuel rack recall on the S3 Elise at their Penrith branch (Toyota I am guessing). Sounds likely that they don't have a trained tech or facility operating post Covid.
  13. Further reply Thank you for the email, we are sorry you feel it’s necessary to contact again on this topic. Unfortunately the demise of Leven Lotus and then Covid-19 restrictions along with lockdown has left a lot of our customers in an unfortunate position with Recalls, Warranty repairs and general servicing and maintenance at our Dealers. Rest assured we are doing everything we can behind the scenes to assist our Dealers with reopening, whilst talks are progressing forward with Parks Motor Group. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the proposed location for the Pa
  14. Finally got a reply frim Callum Smith at customer services....... Looks like they are really getting their teeth into it . "Thank you for the 2 emails, we are currently looking into your claims and we will respond accordingly" Any one have Phil Popham's Email address?
  15. I have sent a letter of disgust to Lotus customer services enquiring about both Carlisle and Ayr dealerships
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