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  1. My version of the Brodit holder .................... well I was bored 0.75 mm plate and some perspex i had lying about . Magnet still to fit in the hole 2/3rds up ............... Drink holder next!
  2. Cheers guys haven't seen those so will research. Thanks for the quick response
  3. Any one found a decent holder arrangement for the phone so its easy for navigation etc. and doesn't drop the phone in more spirited driving situations? Recommendations would be most appreciated
  4. When the better weather arrives if you fancy a run out give me a shout.
  5. Hi Mark Just up the road from you in the Scottish Borders just on the English side. Just become a Elise owner myself dipping my toe in the Lotus legend. Also have Boxster experience 987 and 981 so am starting to learn the differences. Your Elise looks Mint! Cheers Angus
  6. Guys I will pop out tomorrow and get some pictures on my car a new 220 Elise of the factory Jack stickers and try and give some measurements etc. Too late this evening!
  7. Thanks @TJS10 So if I can locate the bolts that attach directly to the x section member, directing the force through the fasteners should work. I will look further at the link and decide whether it makes sense, Engineering wise
  8. Thanks @TonyKL I will take the necessary common sense approach. I have two low -profile jacks to deal with my other 'critter' but the Lotus has me a little spooked! With the lack of information and as you say the possibility of the rear end tipping, hence the question. At least it weighs so little! Cheers Angus
  9. Dental floss cuts the foam adhesive then solvent cleans things up
  10. Toeside

    Hello All

    Drove the 350 Exige before the Elise ............... what a 'blast!' Its a beast of a car
  11. Hi New to the forum and looking to have a quick way of jacking up the car. I saw the video below and would like opinions (specifically) on the lifting bar used in it for the rear of the car. Is it good practice or a No No? Thanks
  12. Doing a similar thing on my Elise. Looks great with the smaller plate arrangement above!
  13. Toeside

    New on TLF

    All of your cars look great "Racing wheels" "Wheels" is another term for cars in the UK. Just joined myself and new to the Lotus Marque.
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