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  1. Very nice ....... liking the standardisation of the the BHP figures on the rear .....nice touch 👍 I think we would be all interested in which route was taken to get the extra "Beans"😉
  2. I liked the comment that she was happy to show her happiness whilst driving on the ragged edge. She demonstrated this multiple times. Me .....i just grit my teeth, smiling is never on the agenda. She was a remarkable talent
  3. On the website it says that this event is sold out?
  4. I retired just before Xmas @ 59 years of age. I had planned to retire at 58 but I was offered 3 days a week by my employer doing a project that was a change to previous and I wanted too tackle. 6 months after starting the 3 day a week my health deteriorated out of the blue. It resulted in life changing operation. I returned to work to help with my recovery and to prove that I could It also added a positive focus to distract me. I realised that you cannot rely on staying well and that the important thing is quality time whilst being healthy. Take that into consideration on your decision. I also noticed I felt less inclined to retire as I got older which started to kick in at 57 yrs . Can't explain why Good luck with your decisions and explore all options. Don't take your continued health being a given 👍👍
  5. The service was carried out in good time. Passengers door lock replaced (sticking) The windows were adjusted to seal better this was amazing and has made the cabin much quieter at speed, such a difference. I had a great 9-10 mile walk around the Strathclyde country park and Avon walkway Great service from Ross and the team at Parks 👍
  6. Off to get Kermit' serviced this week coming so looking forward to a quick blast out.🐸
  7. Lots of different styles and very reasonable prices on "no name" brands on ebay. I bought a cheap pair which I find the best to drive in and look normal when out of the car. Search under Men's drivers shoes. I have a set of Sparco shoes as well but the Ebay cheapies are just as good and look more normal street wear.
  8. That's sad. So young in relative terms. Rally in peace 👍
  9. I am in a a similar position looking for a front splitter for the new clam S3 .........Trying to make a template in the garage as we speak not sure if its going to work .......... dont think it will have winglets though
  10. ACF50 mixed with Double TT (or similar) painted or sprayed works for me. Used it with cars, boats and boat trailers. Double TT is a waxier form of WD40 and sticks better and spreads the ACF50 better. I find the ACF50 is quite hard to apply without a "thinner" or carrier
  11. @Bibs I had the same information from Lotus customer services today regarding Parks and when they will be ready for warranty work. I got an explanation regarding the repeated warranty recall request. They also went some way at apologising for the continued shortfall in Lotus coverage and support. I dropped Laura at Park's a line to make her aware of the warranty letter situation but they were already aware. January 😔
  12. Just received another letter from Lotus asking me to get the recall done on the Elise. (Fuel rack). It asked me to go to my local lotus dealer. I was rather frustrated by this letter from customer service at Lotus. I believed the recall work had been completed in September at Parks in Hamilton so I informed them of this. I also took the time to point out that the availability of a "local" Lotus dealer has been some what of a frustration for those living in the North of England and Scotland this year. We will see what transpires!
  13. I was working/training as a youngster in Leeds during that period. Dark days with a respect to humanity. I agree sensationalising with interviews and correspondents (in lock down!) visiting the area
  14. Heading over tomorrow to get the fuel rack recall done eventually and have a booking for the Evija look around. 😁👌
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