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  1. Just saw that too. Magic voice ......... sad loss
  2. Or join a queue? I agree lets not panic but that 'boat' sailed a few days ago. I am afraid the sh*t has hit the fan. The effects on everyone's lives family and friends will be life changing
  3. Unfortunately I was correct .................... world changing event ................. all trans American flights binned all Europe flights binned. Stock up and keep your vehicles brimmed with fuel. ........... fill your bath with water (clean it first)
  4. A very spirited drive through parts of the Scottish Borders in the 220 AKA Kermit . Dry roads !
  5. Slightly off topic ...... roughly how long did the work take?
  6. My opinion has changed on the situation also. Having cancelled travel for this weekend to Geneva (Originally I was going the car show but that got cancelled a few weeks ago) I was very skeptical about the whole situation and thought it was a storm in a teacup. The situation in Italy is very bad (reports from a friend). They don't have sufficient ventilators to keep everyone (old and sick)who is affected alive so 'choices' are having to be made. There isn't any immunity at present and there isn't a vaccine as yet. The self isolate for two weeks being enforced by employers on their staff. This will impact on all aspects of normal life, transport of food and fuel, communication, power distribution etc Two young members of staff (mid 20's) testing positive at my place of work today. Right in my own back yard as it were. The length of time this situation will prevail impacting on our day to day lives, holidays. I think we can forget about travelling for a while. Ultimately this will put not only lives at risk, a significant addition in parallel to normal Flu deaths but will but impact. jobs and economic stability. Its already started on that front. So having been on the flippant side I am now really concerned on how this situation will all pan out. I think this could be a world changing event but I could be wrong
  7. The service and support from OPC's can be 'patchy' believe me! Again go on reputation and referral but generally I haven't felt much more supported by the Porsche brand than Lotus. Sorry!
  8. Saw that ......... absolutely gutted at what our group are missing................... we all still intend to travel as flights and hotel are not refundable
  9. That's disappointing. I have the recall issue to attend to but I also have a passenger door that decides when and when it won't close so I want to get both done together. Still a chaotic situation. Good news was that I had my Leven car servicing plan payments refunded!
  10. Yes I had queried that fact. Transfer of servicing timescales to Parks seems very short its meant to be at the end of this week?
  11. Toeside

    Priti Patel

    I am interested in this story too...... something isn't ringing true about the whole situation ...............lets see what comes out of the swamp!
  12. Or people to build, export or maintain them!........... we're all doomed!
  13. Isn't that the case with all seasonal flu though? The flu vaccine only increases the chance of being immune to a flu virus it doesn't guarantee protection as each virus type mutates. Don't get me started with the Nuclear power analogy btw
  14. Cheesed off! This hysteria has caused the Geneva motor show to be cancelled ............. Flights hotel all booked months ago. It is just a flu virus. We aren't told every day how many people have succumbed to 'normal' flu Trying to cheer myself up!
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