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  1. On 07/01/2021 at 15:34, TBD said:

    Komo-tec did that many years ago. The engine went up to 400 HP. Daniel said the car was basically undrivable in the wet, because there was no way to include the ESP and the DCT gearshifts would brea traction in any gear. 

    Daniel has been promissing the kit for many years, but has run into some issues. JUBU uses the custom ECU Black together with the DCT, gving them full control over the engine (but rendering the car illegal for street use). Daniel wan'ts to stay with the Lotus ECU in order to stay street legal.

    As far as i am aware JUBU are using Syvecs ECUs not Ecumaster ECUs, although both can do DSG boxes. I'd also like to say using any aftermarket product EMU Black or things like a cone filter usually come with a warning "Not for road use" to cover themselves as its not crash tested in the cars and so on, you are in theory changing the cars homologation. 

  2. On 15/06/2020 at 12:51, Petrolgeneration said:

    Once again, all depends on what you want from the car. Like me, you're talking about a lot of upgrades but what's the purpose? I'm using it as a track car and sometimes as a road car. A lot of these upgrades are not worth it if you don't drive it hard on track on a regular basis. For occasional track usage, I would avoid upgrades like that as they compromise road usage a lot due to the higher RPM's on highways which will decrease comfort significantly

    The engine RPM doesn't change because of the final drive/flywheel, your right foot is the deciding factor at what rpm you want to be at. 

    The final drive is there to be an easier way to shorten the gearing so it makes 5th and 6th gear usable on track, we had test cars pound round high speed circuits like Spa or Silverstone and not use 6th gear at all, and with 5th gear being so long it robs you of all acceleration. 

    The final drive should make no difference with daily driving outside a a few extra gear changes and maybe cruising in a higher gear, the flywheel will provide better engine response with little downsides. Our new ultra light flywheel will require a slightly higher idle to keep it smooth.

  3. On 19/05/2020 at 13:42, Hangar 111 said:

    Hi Stephen.  So, whilst it's not fully announced in terms of details, we are now able to offer OEM ECU remapping for those who wish to use alternative suppliers exhausts in the KT kits.  I hope to find some time to sit down and crunch the numbers and type the words soon!  We may need to have a quick chat...

    I believe KT can programme the 250 ECU, we have certainly done one or two, when they first came out.  Obviously the EMU is an option, as long as you and your insurer are happy with the changes to "DPM" - not all are!


    Would an insurer be happy if you changed the OEM ECU either? Its a modification either way. 

    We have proven solutions for the 220 taking it to 270 with just an ECU and a good exhuast. We have 220-300 using injectors, a smaller pulley, charge cooler kit and a thermal gasket and for the 250s we can make 290 easily with just the ECU, probably push 300 with the charge cooler kit and thermal gasket. 

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