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  1. Just chased up when Parks can start taking bookings for servicing/warranty work and been told they still don't have their Lotus ramps installed, and can't even confirm if a booking towards the end of October is possible. As much as I'd rather not, I think I'll leave the work til spring next year now so I can get it off the road and SORN'd for the winter. Strongly considering selling up soon - fallen out of love with the brand a lot now.
  2. @C8RKH - Thanks for confirming - I wasn't aware that you could get the car serviced at an independant garage and still remain in warranty (if done correctly). I'm not overly fussed about maintaining a 'main dealer' stamp in the book - was just concerned about losing any remaining warranty. You could probably argue that a CMC stamp will be more trustworthy than a Parks stamp when they're only just getting up to speed.
  3. Given it's now July, I'm now starting to think about getting the Elise booked in for a service (due September). Where has everybody used for servicing throughout this year? Am I right in thinking that JCT600 in Leeds are the nearest approved service centre (given Carlisle don't have a technician)? As the car is only a couple years old, I'd like to ensure I maintain the warranty on the car - however a 700-mile round trip to Leeds (in a car with less than 4,000 miles on it) isn't something I'm overly keen on. It's a kick in the teeth enough to have to pay for the service which should have been c
  4. Don't think I said I was putting the blame on Lotus for Leven's downfall? It's more the lack of clarity and communication over the last 6 months, and now the rumours that they're going to put the new dealership in Ayr. For somebody living North of Aberdeen - that would be a death sentence for Lotus ownership longer term.
  5. I submitted a claim to the administrators for the service plan which was sold with my Sport 220 (value noted on the invoice was £600) - still not heard anything. Sadly paid for the car via p/x and balance as a bank transfer, so can't claim via Section 75. Slowly beginning to think I'm just going to have to write it off as a sunk cost now. After wanting a Lotus for nearly 20 years, this whole debacle has put some doubt in my mind whether I'll stick with the brand going forward.
  6. Might be possible to access the engine bay via the passenger side rear wheel liner. I seem to recall the engine bay release cable being in the way at one point when I was swapping over to the TRD airbox.
  7. Whatever happens, it won't be a Leven takeover now given that has gone to Grange/Macklin. Sounds like they are appointing a new partner, and hopefully if it's somewhere like Parks then that could mean multiple branches - just have to wait and see though.
  8. From the chat on the Lotus Ecosse FB page, it sounds like Lotus are trying to fast-track a new partner now that there are issues with Carlisle also. One person mentioned it may be Parks, but not confirmed. I trust Lotus know how big an issue this is for all of its Scottish owners - so hopefully the 'imminent' announcement comes good soon.
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