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  1. I own 65, with is now up for sale
  2. Sorry I can’t see a 211 option
  3. Recommendations for an indoor car cover would be appreciated. Specialised Covers want £379 which seems little steep
  4. Bump, looking for valved. If your considering selling your car and have one fitted, happy to exchange my back box
  5. Looking for a 2bular valved exhaust for the S3 Exige
  6. Yes, I meet another forum user yesterday who experienced the same so put the full size plate back on. I’m not sure what to use as I was told it’s an unusual paint (actually an interior only paint which Lotus used on the outside). I also need a slight touch up, in 1 area some paint was pulled away. No bigger than 5% of a 5p coin but still want that sorted.
  7. How did you get on? I removed my plate Saturday and now need to clean the area.... I don’t have a coating so fingers crossed it’ll come off quite nicely
  8. I’ve bought an Exige 350 and shall be putting my private plate on the car this week. Given the holder on the rear, has anyone shortened this or come up with another solution? I’d like to use a shortened plate, to show more of the satin black finish on the rear
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