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  1. A question for short length hardtop owners: The hardtop on my car does not have the front trim clamp panel (the large one that clips around the full width of the top of the windscreen) so at the front my roof is held down by the two brackets that slot into the soft top mounting points. Does anyone else run their roof without the front panel? I’m worried about it flying off at high speeds, it seems to be securely mounted (I can’t move it), but I’m just checking to see if this is regarded as bad practice!
  2. I use mine daily as my only car, as others have said i'd recommend a late S2 onwards (one with aircon and a hardtop). The only issue I have is excessive windscreen fogging for the first 5 - 10 mins of driving, but I've only owned my current car for a few months and haven't had a proper look at the fan/aircon to see if all is well. I also don't have a hardtop on yet so i'm hoping that will help a tad. You will not regret it, especially throughout the summer months when you can take the roof off and throw the car into corners! I even returned to an Elise (Toyota) after owning an A
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