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  1. Battery without charge control: And with charge control:
  2. In order to compensate for the extra weight of the audio equipment I decided to install a LifePo battery. I designed a plug and play battery holder that was 3D printed in Carbon Filled Nylon and was finally delivered today:
  3. So you need either the relay or the resistors along with the new tail lights, correct?
  4. Thanks for the pictures, these provide good inspiration for a workaround! This being said I think that the struts are quite practical so if possible I would like to keep them. I look forward to reading about further solutions!
  5. Hi all, I started installing an Eltech bootlid to my Exige V6 and am encountering the difficulty that once the struts are installed, the right one is touching the compressor which means I cannot close the bootlid. As I am not talking about one or two mm but actually about 2+ cm I am wondering if anyone who has installed the same bootlid faced similar difficulties and if so, how these were overcome. I also would appreciate if anyone could provide pictures of the struits and their fixing to the car and bootlid. Many thanks Patrick
  6. Finally all re-assembled and running
  7. I think this looks fantastic, although I personally would have used mesh with a different pattern, e.g. the one used in the front access panel. Did you also think about replacing the plastic grill between the front door and the front wheel? Patrick
  8. This weekend I focused on fitting the remote control for the amp. I had to 3D print a new front panel for the remote that I subsequently bonded to the the left side “pocket” of the A-Pillar / Side Sill.
  9. This slowly starts looking like a car again:
  10. Amplifier finally installed... it really shouldn‘t be larger
  11. I finally decided to install the amplifier behind the air scoop on the driver‘s side. I built it out of multiplex wood that was subsequently painted and fixed on the available threaded bars:
  12. As I got got caught up with other things I am just posting progress now. The wiring is finally final (I undid the previous one as I was unhappy with the looks):
  13. Grilles fixed to the rings with Sikaflex:
  14. Worked on the wiring loom and it starts looking decent:
  15. I did many installs but the cabling in the Exige is demanding due to space constraints in my opinion. On a positive note, fitting the side vents with a chrome ring was very easy and I think they look great:
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