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  1. I think that would be a smart solution as it would preserve easy access to the (hopefully never needed) fuses. The amp is quite small (L: 183 mm x W: 146 mm x H: 50 mm) so once it is finally released I can start and try accomodating it in various places and see what works out best.
  2. That’s what I’m afraid of as well, even if from a purely esthetic point of view a contrast might me nice. As it will be difficult to nicely bend leather or faux leather around the ornamental ring due to its relatively sharp corners, a matte black paint or powder coating matching the dashboard’s colour seems like a more practical option. As I do not want to delete the Airbag, I am thinking if squeezing the amp behind the trinket and above the subwoofer. I am not sure if and how it will fit, so I might need to reconsider this.
  3. Dear all, I am actively new to this forum but have been following it for a while. I own a 2018 Exige in Black Metallic with EX460 upgrade by KomoTec and am using the cold (and wet) season for some upgrades including ICE. The setup will be quite simple: - Headunit - 4CH Amp incl DSP in the dashboard - Subwoofer in the passenger foot space - Extended range speakers with important Xmax (EAD H100HD MK II) in the dashboard. I started disassembling the dashboard, removing the original speakers and steel supports, replacing them by 10mm aluminium rings that subsequently were bonded to the dashboard (alumnium charged epoxy glue and aluminium putty). The speakers will be glued on the dashboard rings and they will be fixed with anither 10mm ornamental ring that will hold the protection grill. I am uncertain on about how to finish the ornamental rings and see three options (plus one - I need your help there): a) Anodizing as the other interior aluminium Lotus parts - afraid of reflections b) Painting in metallic black as the interiour colour pack - may be too much? c) Powder coating in a colour close to dashboard colour - may be too boring? d) Anything else you might think of! Thank you in advance for your feedback and comments! Patrick
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