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  1. If I put a bulb in the holder and close the door it just stays on, no matter how long I wait. If I put the ceiling light on in farthest up and farthest down “on” position and then push in the door jam the button and wait, both stay on. So I don’t drain the battery I have to leave ceiling light in the middle “off” position and doors bulbs out. Ive no idea what my ceiling lamp positions are supposed to be and if correct and seems the door jam button isn’t shutting the current off, ,so perhaps this is the fault? thanks for suggestion, I’ll keep tinkering till it’s fixed.
  2. New lamps installed, great they work. Closed door won’t shut off? Explains why removed, found yellow lamp delay by Pektron, opened it and looks fine? Replaced and want to know if; 1) can you test them? 2) exist anywhere on earth to buy? else will try to find Lucas alternative 33388, Thank you
  3. Ahh, some bugger whipped the bulbs out! , why I wonder?? I’ll fit new ones and wait for the battery to drain I guess.
  4. Appreciate good advice, sometimes my enthusiasm out strips reality! 👍🥃😻 Hi Steve, would you mind quoting me the cost of new rear carpet please? thank you, Adam?👍
  5. Appreciate good advice, sometimes my enthusiasm out strips reality! 👍🥃😻
  6. Gents, Just curious do you sell theses to strangers and how much is a new rear set complete with a battery board? Do the panels come with the same edging trim I’ve got on mine? Are they difficult to make and need any specialist tool, sewing machine I guess for a starter ? I’m thinking of having ago, but no idea where to get the material or boards are either. Any help Is much appreciated, thx Adam👍
  7. I have the same problem, door lights don’t work. Glad someone asked the question for me.
  8. Seems we have a common interest brother?




  9. Me to, any feed-back or news? Must be something out there?
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