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  1. The kids seem to enjoy it in there, and being able to fit them in means I get to use The car far more often, so it’s all good!
  2. For the purposes of this thread, SR are obviously the best! As a new buyer they look great inside and out, and have no ‘must have’ options or packs to watch out for. Also as the last of the S1 cars they are probably about the best build quality? Possibly the 410’s are also in that bracket, but prices of these are way higher for the moment.
  3. 2015 motorsport green S. Just bought it and it’s mint! Awesome thing, at least as good as the magazine reviews say.
  4. Hi, I’ve just bought a mint 2015 Evora S sports racer manual in motorsport green. I’ve come through Peugeot 106 & 306 rallye, S2000 (crashed 😢), then kids, Megange R26, MX5 mk2, FPace, Panda 4x4, M135i before the Lotus. Some are still in the garage. This Evora brings all the passion and fun back to car ownership I’ve missed since the 306 & S2000 days. It was expensive compared to what else is available for the money, but it is bloody amazing to drive, stunning to look at (I love the green, bright but not too shouty) and really rare. Plus the kids fit in the back! My only niggle is creaky door cards (if anyone has some advice on this?) otherwise it feels genuinely very well built. I think it’s a keeper. I’d be interested in the cars history if anyone knows.
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