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  1. Watch out for RMS issues and bore scoring and engines catching fire on the Lotus...oh wait. No that's Porsches 😂😋(sorry below the belt!). There is a surprising amount of anti Porsche sentiment on this forum which is a shame. I love Porsches. They are generally a far more advanced and capable product that a Lotus (or most anything else) but they just have this frustrating habit of burying the driving experience under layers of polish so you have to dig deep to uncover it, and with modern cars capability's being so high compared to the un-evolving roads we drive them on, it's usually just not possible to push that hard on the road safely or legally. However, a 996.1 GT3, 993 GT2, 2.7RS would all be in my dream garage.
  2. 3.3, Correct? Love the RUF wheels. That looks fantastic. Must have been hard to see it go. I think the Exige 380 CUP press shots were an Essex blue car. Google those, look stunning to my eyes. I like blue cars though and tail lights always look best on a blue car! (My Elise is Nightfall blue). Yes I have thought about a stereo, and would probably do the same, a headless BT unit behind the dash. Although I'm basing that on someone in the forum saying that they specced a blanking plate for the head unit and their car still came with speakers wired up. I think I'd be too lazy if I had to fit speakers also, but we'll see. I did get full ppf done by Protect in Akl, (covering the entire car) they do a lot of work for Giltraps apparently, (they recommanded them) and i've seen an Elise that they did and it was great. I will let you know what my car is like. I'm paranoid about stone chips etc so the money spent on that will hopefully be better for my mental health in the long run! 😂 I haven't heard of a spray on product? I wanted full ppf and that was that basically. Actually the paint of Lotus's is usually very soft and they're low so they stone chip very very easily. Something to bear in mind. The 430 cup comes with a cool looking rubber lip for the spoiler, which loses you ground clearance, but looks cool to my eyes, and looks like it would protect the underside of the splitter too. But some of the 430 guys rip them off because they end up drooping and coming away but I'm sure that is fixable. Yes I'll definitely get a soft top at some point, not sure if they're available to order yet (they were out of stock due to covid for a while) and on the Exige there is a minor modification required of cutting into the bodywork for two small holes for the roof spars but plenty of people have done it.
  3. If only the NZ crew were active on here instead of FB Welcome to TLF @Exigo and welcome to Lotus ownership also!
  4. Hi Jason, Unfortunately the club guys use Facebook, so our regional forum is usually dead. I'm the outlier that doesn't use FB...😅 Congrats on your first Lotus! It's sad to hear something as fantastic as a 964 Turbo had to go to make room but I'm in a similar boat. I've been a lifelong Lotus fan and also spent years (like 10-15) searching TM for cars and was never in the right place at the right time, but 5 years ago I was able to import my ideal spec Elise, a 2006 Sports Racer that is now supercharged. It was (is) my dream car and although I don't think I can justify having two such similar cars I have refused to look at selling it until the Exige is here and the Elise starts to not get used. Your 420 sounds amazing too. If I had been able to spec one myself my colour preference would have probably been red, then blue, then white. Probably! (actually when I was looking at a selection of UK cars I just couldn't decide on colour!). Essex blue looks great and really suits the car. You also have a fully loaded spec by the sounds of it. I'm also wary of the extinguisher taking up passenger leg room and perhaps it will get removed one day but initially I'm going to be selfish and enjoy the hardcore appeal of a road car (I won't be tracking mine initially) with kill switches and a plumbed in extinguisher! So how did Chris manage to get hold of the car? I understood there were no remaining build slots and all dealer stock was allocated. Good to know the 430 sold also. The modern cars have come a long way in reliability, and it's a toyota drivetrain and the rest of the car is so basic, there is little to go wrong. There can be niggles though: The central locking on my Elise packed up (they all did apparently). The part to fix was on never ending back order so I just forgot about it. Now I have to (shock horror) lock the doors with the key...Lol. But the pay off is that there are just no other modern cars that indulge a driver as much as a lotus. I had test driven 3 Elise's of varying types over the years and was impressed with the 111R for how much it felt 'like a real car', solid, reliable etc, yet still felt like a Lotus. When I got my own fresher, newer, tighter car, over time I did notice things that still made it feel a bit kit car-ish. But they really are inconsequential and nothing I've owned (DC2R, Evo 9, boxster) or driven is anything like it for fun and feedback. You've timed it right to dip your toe in, because with the Elise, Exige, Evora ceasing production this year, it is the end of proper lightweight, largely hand built (for better or worse) Lotus's for many years to come. And the last ICE cars ever. The club are a great bunch, very much Auckland Centric, but there are enough of use spread out across the country too. Check out their FB page for the low down. We are actually hoping to have the annual central (i.e. national) meet mid November. Lockdown allowing the guys will drive down and we're doing the Forgotten World Highway to new Plymouth and will then hang out and drive around for the weekend. If you wanted to join in I'm sure they'd be open to it and it would be great to have the Turbo among us!
  5. Hi Jason, Thanks for the pics! I have still yet to see it other than a few pics and phone videos so it's great to see more. I just got word that it is slightly delayed and now expect it to turn up on Wednesday. Congrats on picking one up! How did that work? Do you have a factory build on the way or one of the re-routed cars Chris says he's managed to secure? What is the spec? I was originally looking to import from the UK privately which would have meant a wait to around March 2022. I've found the wait gets worse the closer you get to delivery! I'm on the Kapiti Coast in Wellington. Hence unable to get to Akl to pick up. Are you in the NZ Lotus club? Thanks again for the pics.
  6. I can finally share some pics myself also. Outside our brand new (only just sign written) national Lotus dealer; Lotus Auckland. Thanks to covid lockdown I cannot pick her up. So she's being rail freighted down to me instead. She's on her way, and I should be able to pick up from the depot early next week. They've sold a green cup250 (not the one in the pic, that looks like a 240FE), my friend has a 240FE factory order on the way and I know they've taken some Emira deposits, and no doubt there are other deliveries also. Mine is the first Exige FE sold in the country.
  7. Wow! That looks amazing in that light! It looks really, really nice. But I understand being unhappy about the spec mishap. I think Yellow would look better non-black pack (although a black rear transom always looks better so yeah, leave that.). But Lotus didn't want to offer black rear transom's with coloured roofs on FE cars so not sure they will be keen to do that as it would make your car the only such example in existence, (which would be super cool right? but everyone would start asking for it). Lotus are a business, but hopefully they understand that buying a new car is not business for most of us, its a very special, emotional thing and as such, it should be as close to perfect as possible. So I would say push hard for what you want (and paid for) but just in case it doesn't work out, try not to be disappointed with a car that still looks utterly stunning, just a little different to your original spec. FWIW I missed out on a factory order completely and was only able to arrange finance when dealer cars were the only option left. First world problems and all
  8. That's a proper Exige colour. Exiges suit loud and proud, slightly wild, attention grabbing colours I think. Looks way better than I'd imagined.
  9. My car is getting closer... Should be delivered in just over a week's time. The closer you get, the harder the wait is! (Note for clarity: this is a dealer car over here in NZ, not a factory in build).
  10. Loving reading through these posts guys. Especially the bittersweet ones about the old stagers that have graciously bowed out to make way for the Evoras. The Evora will unquestionably go down in history as a classic (if it's not already thought of that way) and even if it remains a relatively obscure or not as well known classic, compared to whatever Porsche you want to compare it to, that just makes it even cooler I think. Those that know, know.
  11. Good points. I think the US market is their primary one, and the only Exige they have seen on the streets is an S2 from no later than 2011 or whatever it is. And the Evora is the only remaining current model. So maybe the "Evora" tag crept in in an attempt to prevent confusion (but has obviously only added to it). My guess, especially with the weight claims are that is an Exige chassis, modified as Jenson says. I'm surprised that doesn't present some issues with getting it road legal in the US though, but perhaps there are none, or perhaps they have some low volume/niche dispensation or something. I'm sure the jps one would look even better without the ducktails though.... 😍
  12. The point of the car is just because. It's a small team passion project that if successful they hope will lead onto more things for them. It's not meant to shake up the automotive landscape. They say they've sold most of the cars already....I hope it's true but I'm sceptical. I was also very interested (and doubtful) on how they were getting 600bhp out of a non turbo 2gr-fe, but on further investigation it doesn't sound that unbelievable. The standard gearbox is a limitation, so they've replaced it with a paddlshift one. The other thing is the price they are charging for the full fat version means they can afford to spend money on the engine also. I suspect photo's don't do the car justice, as I wasn't taken by the green or gold leaf versions, but the JPS is gorgeous. So if it's that colour dependant, then it probably also looks much better irl than in pics.
  13. In the real world it will be next to nothing I'd guess. I have a 275bhp 22zz-ge sc'd Elise, and there is next to nothing in it on the road with a pal's 2017 220 sport. The 2zr-fe has big torque for a little motor and that's what gets the job done. Surely the extra 20horses (and even the 30odd of the cup) are all at the top end, where you are for a split second on a straight bit of road. But of course, every time you're able to ring it out you will be enjoying 240bhp not 220 haha! So that's not to dimmish it. It will just make a fantastic car that little bit nicer still. Evolution not revolution.
  14. its a very personal thing, but i think the exige suits solid colours, because it is like a wannabe race car. Fancy paint doesn't always suit it i think. I ended up with Metallic white (would have preferred flat if it existed) but solid red was my first choice. I went dealer stock so took what i could. Solid Yellow will look fantastic imo.
  15. Ah ok, well that's good to know at least. If it's accurate in the first place I can live without gps. What Tony suggests seems likely also. I wonder if Lotus will offer that to be retrofitted with a software update to add in functionality for the FE cars?
  16. Can anyone who's taken delivery confirm if the FE AiM digital dash allows you to set the speedo to GPS instead of wheel rotation? I'm hoping it does but doubtful as I bet there was be legal issues around that. An accurate speedo is such a nice thing though. Also, if you're familiar with the AiM aftermarket, dash any other differences between the your 390 FE dash and the aftermarket version?
  17. I was unsure of Azure blue. The dealers can't seem to take a decent picture of a car to save their lives! Because that looks absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on a lovely car.
  18. Hi Matt, Do you know if any tweak to the ECU was needed for the exhaust bypass in your car's case? Or was it simply plug the switch in and go?
  19. That looks gorgeous mate. Yes I also have yellow calipers, and yellow stitching in the interior. I didn't actually spec it, I was far too late to the party. Mine is dealer stock. I have the standard (is it phantom black?) interior colour. Your interior colour pack looks like it's Azure blue? That must be a very nice contrast. I like white on these cars....white = motorsport! After putting the deposit down on the UK car I heard from a local club member who put me in touch with the local dealer. I'd previously contacted them and heard nothing back. He changed my mind by undercutting the ex-UK price (which amazed me) with a higher spec car. White was a strong second choice colour too, having seen some on here in the pics thread etc. So yeah, bagged a 420 and I'm so happy! Plus I'd be looking at 5 months wait on an ex-UK car due to the situation with containers and shipping. So it was pure luck how it turned out.
  20. That is a great idea. I've wondered about doing that on the sills and section usually covered by shark fins in front of the rear wheel arch because they are getting constantly pitted.
  21. Very very nice! Fire red always looks so different in different photos, its really hard to guess what it will look like in the flesh. You car looks stunning though. So why both ppf and ceramic? Is that ceramic on some areas and ppf on others? Or ceramic over the top of ppf or something? I'm planning on getting full ppf on mine but unsure of if you should do the back pack areas or if it will look weird by glossing them up at all.
  22. Ok, a deal came up that I couldn't refuse. So I cancelled my personal import of a 410 and bought a 420 FE locally. Will save 5 months on delivery time too. Carbon roof and diffuser surround. No carpets, No sound deadening, Kill switch and fire extinguisher, so no speakers or stereo obviously. ...and ipad stuck to the dashboard. To the OP: No, I don't regret it for one minute!!!
  23. Great colour combo! (I've gone for the same on a 420 ;))
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