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    Talal Wehbe
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    3-eleven 430, exige 260 cup, Audi TT RS, Audi A8 4.0 Quattro, Porche Macan S
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    The Exige has a racing engine with BOE 400 super charger and full aero kit.
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    Doha, Qatar.

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  1. Thanks. I will try again but my file could be too big.
  2. If you drive at the limit as I do the Trofeos will help you shave at least half a second per kilometer of dry track over the Cup 2s. Once you try them you won't be bale to track wihtout them.
  3. I need help wiht the motec dashboard on my 3-11 430.  Is anyone familiar with it? 

    1. TheKevlarKid


      Speak to Dave (SeriouslyLotus).

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