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  1. On an Esprit v8 in this case.....(sorry not a great photo). I bought these so I didnt have to keep my OZ Novas on the car as they are pretty irreplaceable now.
  2. Still very classy even though its 12 years old......although the sat nav needs a PhD in Italian logic and regularly instructs along the lines of the old joke - If that's where you want to go you shouldn't start from here....
  3. dclare

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Sounds like it may be hard to get an Esprit convoy together as we'll all be travelling in alternative brands (me included as it happens because my v8 has just gone into the beauticians for a long term make over!)....
  4. Hi Gents, Is anyone thinking of going to the Le Mans Classic 2020? Ive been a few times and its a fantastic event, very different to the Goodwood Revival but every bit as good, and IMHO much better than the Silverstone Classic. It would be great to get a convoy of Esprits (what's the plural??!?!?) to make it into a bit of a road trip. Anyone up for it? Dave
  5. Also try Robinsons - Based in Scotland and deliver across the UK. The service and design help I've received so far has been very good.....
  6. It wasn't me but a friend with infinitely better spannering skills than me. The car was a GTM Libra kit car running a 1.4 K Series engine at a track at Zolder. The engine was buzzed and ended up bending a couple of valves. One was straightened with gentle persuasion from a little tapping stick, but the second wouldn't move up and down in the guide so it was hammered back into the head.......then the lobe of that cam was ground off (with the engine still in the car) and voila - a 15v 1.4 K Series that completed the rest of the weekend and wasn't really any slower than before! Ive also seen brake pads fashioned out of old pallet wood to get someone home after another track day....not sure I'd recommend that one though.
  7. She's looking a little sorry for herself at the moment and looking forward to the winter holiday - car spa, a bit of reconstructive surgery and some TLC.....Definitely not concourse at the moment! Be great to meet up and share some war stories though! Im taking her down to Surrey Rolling Road for a power run on 26th because I think she's not giving her best right now.
  8. I was at the Hampton Court Concourse over the weekend (fantastic event BTW) and was struck by the almost total absence of Lotus. There were a coupe of Elans, a Lotus VIII and a single Evora 410 that I saw. Every other major sporting marque was represented by lots of examples, but Lotus was more or less none existent - not a single Esprit, Europa, Eclat, Elite, Elise, Exige, etc. This is so sad and shows how the brand has fallen into the backwaters. Without appearing at these kind of high profile events and building on the amazing heritage that Lotus has they will never reach the same enthusiastic following that Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes (and now) McLaren have. All these brands were there in abundance with historic racing cars, concourse classics and modern examples all being adored by the crowds. Lotus has every bit of provenance, history and engineering innovation to stand shoulder to shoulder with these other manufacturers and I really hope that Geely capitalise on this in the future. The Evija is a great example of Lotus innovation although purists may cringe, but without a halo, high value car like that Lotus will never attract the wealthy collectors and "trendies" that help sponsor the development of more realistic cars for the wider market. And its up to us, the enthusiasts, who love the brand to also do our part and get our cars out there and let people see them.....come on guys, lets spread the word show the world how fantastic our favourite brand is!! Now for my admission - I didn't take my Esprit to Hampton because I needed more than 2 seats, but it has been out and about a lot this summer! Here are a few photos of the Hampton Court as an example (spot the Elan), but there are lots of nice events to go to!
  9. But only two Esprits there that I could see......(unfortunately mine wasn't one of them because I needed an extra passenger seat...) I thought the event was a little lightweight - it may have been better if they actually had more cars on the hillclimb racing rather than just the repeated demo runs. But nice atmosphere, great weather and good to chat to fellow pistonistas.....
  10. Very nice! I really like the BBS wheels, but I need them to be bigger than 17" for the V8.
  11. Hi All, Im running a set of OZ Novas at the moment but a) they need a refurb and b) Im worried that if one gets damaged by a pot hole I wont be able to get a replacement, so Im looking for an alternative set for regular use so I can preserve the Novas. Im sure lots of you out there are running non-standard wheels in non-standard sizes so how about a show and tell? Pics with sizes and offsets? There are some great looking wheels out there but tyre sizes seem to be getting more restrictive. Any help appreciated gents!
  12. BUMP...... How did you get on with the tubular manifolds - any difference in sound or performance?
  13. Modern ethanol rich fuels do not mix well with old rubber hoses. All old hoses (especially from pre-2000) should be replaced with new, ethanol resistant ones. If you don't do this and continue to use standard pump fuel you are asking for trouble. Many "super" unleaded fuels such as BP Ultimate do NOT use ethanol, but 95 octane fuels do use up to 5%. Here is a great article for reference:
  14. Morning All. I suspect that this has been asked a million times because a quick search came back with 47 pages of results for "alignment" at the risk of sounding lazy because Im not reading through all 47 pages can anyone recommend a specialist that is familiar with Esprit alignment and can do a full set up? Preferably in the South. OR...has anyone done this at home themselves using lasers and tape measures? I've done this before, but on a car with much simpler suspension! Thanks, Dave
  15. At tickover it has a general shake which is enough to make the mirrors vibrate. It idoes it evenly enough and is smooth mechanically (if you can have such a thing as a smooth vibration). It's not like something is touching the chassis - not a mechanical vibration, it just feels like a rough 4 cylinder at tickover. Its had new engine and gearbox mounts fitted by PNM but no difference. As a V8 I would have thought tickover would be supersmooth. What tickover speed to others run at? Mines around 1000rpm. Thanks.
  16. No way the H6 will fit - it is far too wide and the heads would end up right where the radius arm mounts are, so you would have to completely redesign the engine cradle and suspension. However an Audi v6 does fit and then you have the choice of 6 speed gearboxes of various strengths.....
  17. Problem solved. The primary fuel pump was not giving enough pressure, so it wouldnt rev past 3500. When the secondary pump kicked in it took off, so new pump now and it pulls like a train. Its a properly fast car! Thanks to Esprit Engineering for working out what was wrong and fitting the new pump.
  18. dclare

    Phone mount

    Hi All, Does anyone have a phone mount in their car that they would recommend for use in the Esprit? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so it's a bit of a heavyweight. Thanks
  19. Likewise Roy. Good to chat, and many thanks for talking through the mods - you built an awesome car and I want to keep it that way.... Although when you said you were from Finningley I had my doubts - you boys were too busy playing with Vulcans than cars....and Harworth was under the flight path! I'll keep you posted on the diagnosis of the misfire.
  20. Our technology moves massive amounts of data around our customer enterprises: over 3 billion events per day for one of our investment banking customers. Daimler and PSA connected car implementations, NASA weather satellites, earthquake detection in Japan, Singapore Smart Cities, FAA, pretty much all investment banks, consumer banks, Bet365, Hong Kong Jockey Club, William Hill, SAP - they are all customers that have massive real-time data movement requirements and who can't afford to lose a single event or "message" even if they have a complete data centre or network failure. Its an "Event Mesh" that runs in any of the popular clouds, or on-premise (or hybrid) and its very, very cool!! (If you're into that kind of thing)... Thanks, Dave.
  21. Hi David, I should be at PNM sometime around 3.30 - 4pm tomorrow. Be great to say hello and share war stories if you can make it. If you can find Roy's details it would be great - did you ever talk to him about the mods? Our 991C4S is a Gen1 car, so 3.8 nasp....its a fantastic engine that loves to rev and rev, well, its actually a fantastic all-round car. It lives outside and get used as a daily driver that just shrugs off that kind of mundane use and polishes up beautifully when it gets an (occasional) clean! Thanks for the comment...I'm just defenceless when it come to interesting cars...
  22. Thanks Chris. My thoughts exactly on the actuators, so like you, not sure what the cause could be....I'll leave it in PNMs good hands to have a quick look and see if there is anything obvious. I'll be sure to take some pics when the car gets here, if only to see if anyone recognises the set-up, because I'd still like to track down who did the work. I tried to get the Sport 350 that's been for sale for a while in Canterbury, but its on its way to Oz - it just took them a long time to get the Australian Import Permit.
  23. May be old news but I was talking to UK Sports Cars (Canterbury) and they told me the Esprit Sport 350 No 009 they have for sale is being exported to Australia (probably on the boat now).
  24. Hi Greg, Yep, still got the X-Bow although I have it up for sale at the moment because I need to free up some space - awesome weapon. Ive had some fun with that car! Know anyone that wants one?
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