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  1. Cant thank you enough guys . Will get some silicone spray and have a go ! Cheers
  2. Hi guys , Upon pressing the unlock the drivers side button only 'pops' up half way , thus making opening the door impossible ( have to get in via passenger door ) . Rather than blasting it with the trusted WD40 , has anyone experience with this issue ? Thanks in advance men
  3. Thanks 122 . Looking into it I think its quite common in Evoras . Will get it sealed up , cheers .
  4. Hi 122 , Thanks for that . Could I ask what garage you used and was it the windscreen seal ?
  5. Hi guys , Wonder if anyone has had similar experience ? Bottom of the drivers side A Post is wet ( where the alcantara meets the dash ) . Cant see anything obvious but just wondering if anyone had knowledge ? Cheers Men
  6. Hi guys , Cant THANK YOU enough . Did the 5 key trick and warning light removed ! Really unsure how Williams Bristol don't know about it as to be fair they never charged me for the reset ?
  7. Thanks so much men , advice greatly received . I will give the 5 key on / off and see how it goes . Will get back and let you know one way or the other Quite right Dave , not much in journey time between Williams and Cwmbran . Just i have got a decent relationship with Williams so worth the extra few minutes travel
  8. Hi guys , Seem to have a problem with my engine warning light and has been reset a couple of times by the great chaps in Williams Lotus Bristol . There is no problem with the engine but 'events' seem to make it light up ( recently I had a flat battery which made it illuminate ) . Williams, my nearest dealer is a good 5 hr round trip for me so was just wondering if there was another way around this annoying occurrence ?
  9. Thanks for your help men . Outside with no cover and no hand brake on it will be .
  10. Hi guys , Currently have the car outside as my garage is being renovated . How do Evoras manage out in the rain / would you cover with a decent Stormforce ? Cheers men
  11. Hi Clive , Just ensure you look at the manual for correct way to pull cable and it assists the mechanism if someone is there to lift the lid whilst you perform .......
  12. Thank you guys . Was new to the car and had not opened the valve ! Its certainly loud enough , sounds great to be fair . In sports mode she really pops and burbles on downshift which makes the car for me . Appreciate your time and posts , Tony
  13. Thanks so much guys . I am actually trying to save the vendor of the car some money so i will take it to the garage , get it stripped and inspected . I only bought the car last week but knowing these issues got him to sign a contract saying that should water enter within 3 weeks he would pay up to £500 for the fix ( 3 weeks would allow me to leave it in rain ) . 2hrs after driving the car away in extremely heavy rain it happened , will be interesting to see if he honours ( if the strip and clean does not work ) or result in me having to take him to small claims court ? So appreciate the help , nice to have support esp when this happened so early in my ownership , Tony
  14. Hi Steve , My dash shows both doors closed and when either door opens the courtesy lights come on . What part should I order as i thought it was just one ( expensive ) piece ? Much appreciate everyones help , cheers Tony
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