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  1. I think it looks awesome with black wheels? Would be my choice as I think with gold rims it's a bit too much
  2. Could somebody with a Cup 430 tell if those pinstripes on the service panel and roof are painted?
  3. Never thought silver would look that great on a 430 Cup
  4. I saw a Cup 430 where the decals already came off after 500 km and the matt black wrap of the "eyliner" and in front of the rear tyres seems quite sensitive. Can somebody confirm that?
  5. @Andy Thank you. Could somebody share the ground clearance with/without the lip? My dealer said the car is still practical to use without scratching every 5 kilometres, hope it's true
  6. Perfect, thank you! I switched my order from a 410 to a Cup 430. It should arrive in about 6-8 weeks. Could you ask the dealer wheter it is fixed for MY20 cars?
  7. What's the fix for the front lip actually?
  8. Does somebody know how much Cup 430 were produced so far?
  9. Hello, I ordered a Exige Sport 410 and would like to mount the rear number plate without screws by tape. The rear of the car has the usual (wrapped?) matt black rear. Should I be worried that it goes off or gets damaged if the licence plate or tape are removed sometime? Whats the best solution by your expierience? Greetings from Czech Republic! Thank you
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