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  1. Thanks so much Geartox, That is pretty comprehensive and exactly what I was hoping for. The local knowledge will help me figure things out. I’ll look into things from here and finalize my plans. I appreciate the offer to reach out to you and may take you up on that as I get things organized. I will, of course, share my experience and opinions once we’ve completed our trip to France. Regards, Gkart
  2. Thanks Bibs, I’ll reach out to @geartox. If anybody else has a suggestion or wants to share an opinion it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Happy New Year to all, I’m hoping the collective wisdom and experience of this group can assist me in making a decision. I’ll be travelling in France with my wife this coming Fall and would like to participate in a Track Experience during our vacation. We’ll be mostly in and around Provence and then south towards Nice (and Monaco, of course). I don’t want to drive an F1 car as I don’t think I’d do it justice and I don’t want to spend that amount of money either. I’ve found the Lotus School at the Sambuc circuit interesting and may pursue that option. I’m not sure how similar it is the the school at Hethel or if it simply a branding situation. I have an ‘08 Elise and have been doing HPDE days for the last three seasons and am a solid “B” level driver so I”d like something that is not too introductory in nature. I’ve driven Lotus Cup cars, Radical SR3, Porsche GT3 RS and enjoyed them all and would like an experience that focuses on the driving part of the equation. I’m looking for feedback about the Lotus school in France or any suggestions you may have for a positive track experience in France. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Gkart
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