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  1. i have a unit that does this well i will put the make up tomorrow , paid @99 quid for it and it does revive a dead battery
  2. can we start a petition to get funding from uk gov for a new family car from lotus build an electric / petrol hybrid family car , they already have a deal with toyota for the engine in v6 form why not a hybrid with handling ???? would be way better than vw/merc/bmw etc
  3. i totally agree with mr masons view on classic cars a ford xr3 was a terrible car in its day i used to sell them when they were 4-5 yrs old and they were dredful in comparison to .a honda prelude gsi from same period , the honda was quicker more economicla , better built , drove better etc but they fetch nowt in comparison ... if just being old means its a classic , does that meen "agadoo " is a classic record LOL
  4. thats what happens when the have not want what the have , have . but for free .... dispicable
  5. always been watch mad had loads and just kept buying cheap ones evry yr , whilst getting our wedding rings in cornwall i enquired on the senna tag . to which the sales guy said " i wouldnt bother if i were you they have cheapened the watch " i would go for a brietling if i were you .his words not mine , so about a yr later (2007) looking at brietling my wife said just go and buy it ..glad i did i got the b1 chrono and 13yrs later it still looks like new ... mind you xmas that yr i bought my wife a "dior lady diane " hand bag at 999 pounds its now worth 4k !!!!!!!!
  6. I BOUGHT AN MR2 V6 CONV ABOUT 3 YRS AGO GUY WANTED IT GONE AS HE WAS DOING another conversion .. 3.5 rx 300 lexus into another mr2 mk 2, i must say for the 3k i paid it was incredible , the way it performed .....only thing wrong . apart from no traction or abs was the ride quaility too crashy , and it ran out of power at 5500 ????? but it will always be an mr2.... bought it as it reminded me of my nsx (oh how i miss that car) until the wheel spin novelty wore off..
  7. I HAVE A BMW 330 CI AUTO that has had a softwear upgrade (apparently) and in the real world of driving imo it is prob quicker than a manual ,when on the move ... no dip clutch move the lever let the clutch out excellerate .... just floor it and go
  8. WOW amaging she is ok ... like the side pod slogan ....... .she certainly was
  9. you could tell by his lines , missing apex's all the time ,trail braking etc knob .
  10. ditch f1 and get a subscription to v8 supercars australia .(search "superview" its 49 us dollers i think .it is way more rewarding incl the commentators
  11. BCA , YOUR JOKING ARNT YOU , CHEAP !!! IT WILL PROB FETCH 600-1000 OVER BOOK RETAIL . KNOWING BCA PSsorry for caps my keyboard is fubar . mate of mine told me about a trade aston vantage today me thinking , but ive allready got a quick (ish) cruiser lexus gs450H SO WILL PROB STAY LOOKING FOR THE EVORA .9goddamn keyboard)
  12. THANKS zoomed in on pics also rear mesh on diffuser is away on both sides , dont know how long its been on sale but exhast tips are rusty . also it has a cloth back seat so no lux pack i take it ,will it have sport pack etc thank you in advance
  13. anyone know this car cheers
  14. yes , this has been on sale for months emailled him and he said hes out of the country will be back weekend so arrange an appointment for tom (sunday morning ) got a text to say sorry its sold !!!!! just seen another in my price range on ebay black with gold wheels but the wheels are the multi type wanted the other set . but hey ho .
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