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  1. Whats with the flats? Is it oriented any special way?
  2. still looking for the measurements of the wisbone mod, if someone has a set without bushes, I´d be very greatful for the service. Inner dia and lenght of the tube
  3. I might need one as well, pilot bearing surface is shot, please quote me too Harry. S1 78.
  4. As there probably where not any polyurethan bushings around when the decision was made to upgrade the arms. Could I get away with just mounting Opel Polybushings ?
  5. The ones from Sjsportscars, all bushings. Yes they I'll do the mod, would be helpful if someone could provide me with the measurements of the tube to be welded in, bushings are ordered but No idea when they Will arrive.
  6. says vented
  7. Do any of you have any experience with Tarox ventilated front discs?
  8. Guess this is why they were modified. Do I Keep the Shells when installing poly bushings?
  9. It seems I have the only ones in the world that has not been modified, Does anybody know the specifics about the mod? what size is the sleeve that I need to fabricate?
  10. Does anyone have a great tip for shocks? I'd love coilovers but not sure if that's available. Will replace all bushings and joints.
  11. A pig to get out but in good condition, no rustwelding required, one piece of sheetmetal in the rear has previously been cut out, that will be replaced, just a clean and new paint, thinking 2coats of epoxy primer and 2 coats of raptor bedliner? 3hours later...
  12. As I understand it you should mount it at an angle with the the front lowered first and the rear quite high, look in youtube with the lotusfactory film, there is an episode where the body is mounted
  13. sorry, I wont use them so I feel its better they go to someone who need them instead of gathering dust and fall apart on a shelf in my less than humid free garage. with that said, I wont give them away, I know their value.
  14. Any chance of getting a drawing for the bellhousing adapter?
  15. I could use this drawing, any chance of getting a workable one?
  16. Jeez! Yes my rearend is also cut in front of the spoiler, always thought it was a Bolt on, and my engine is missing, Come to think of it, mine could actually be a partscar. No decided, my Lotus will be classic on the out and modern in the in. Make me an offer for the veglia dials.
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