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  1. I could use this drawing, any chance of getting a workable one?
  2. Jeez! Yes my rearend is also cut in front of the spoiler, always thought it was a Bolt on, and my engine is missing, Come to think of it, mine could actually be a partscar. No decided, my Lotus will be classic on the out and modern in the in. Make me an offer for the veglia dials.
  3. what would be an acceptable price for the vegli dials?
  4. I know, removed the plastic and they look like new, will test them so everything works before I decide what to do .
  5. UH! Yes, all new wiring will be needed, I am going to use a thing from the motorcycle world called an M-unit, Stay tuned 😉 The beam is surprisingly in exellent nick! A little surface rust but nothing more then a good brushing and a coat of por15.
  6. Will it go back in? Maybe, the binnacle? maybe, its kind of a signature piece for the lotus but Will have new dials, Im sorry to say bye bye to MR veglia.
  7. By the way, will a Citroen SM clutchplate fit?
  8. Yes, as I made clear, this Will have solutions and parts that Will make puritans cringe, but then again, so many parts are missing and broken so it would not be justifyable to make it an original restoration, the appearance Will be lotus esprit turbo but more uptodate under the surface, that being said. I Will try to make it with care so it Will be possible to reverse.
  9. If I had an ac tig welder I would, but I only got a dc welder so stainless Steel it Will be.
  10. 30miles to the gallon, yeah right! Good thing, it wont be hard to get the tanks out, just crumble it together and pull it out through the bulkhead. 😎
  11. Nothing´s imposssible, it just take a little more time

  12. Thank you for your reply. This will not be difficult, nature already made most of that (and possibly the odd rodent) will take pictures along the way, any guidance is appreciated.
  13. As I said, and it begins! My first task will be to totally gut the interior, everything has a musky smell but not the enjoyable one. During this I happened to put my hand through the bulkhead( oops!) replace? YES. Now to my first of many questions, Is the bulkhead glued in?, or is just bolted, believe me, it doesn't really show in my car. I´ve been searching but can´t really find any thread that shows a bulkhead replacement.
  14. I thought I should introduce myself... My name is Jonas and I live in southern Sweden with my Girlfriend and a cat! I just bought a complete wreck that I am in the process of rebuilding, Lotus Esprit S1, I am no purist so some of you will probably grind your teeth at my complete crasynesses ( is that a word?) BUT I WILL make it to the end and I WILL have a wonderful time doing it, and in the end I will have a wonderful drivingmachine . First off is the rotten bulkhead, but I will start a rebuild thread and ask questions there.
  15. Jonas


  16. would you be willing to sell the turbo tailgate? I need one because the shipper lost mine when my car was transported to Sweden from Holland
  17. Looking for a Tailgate S1 with or without window, any condition. Will S3 fit?
  18. No Tailgates at either one 😞 starting to plan welding an in aluminium
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