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  1. Question of the Elise GT1: 1. 7 cars built, includes one roadcar? 2. GT1 Lotus Racing Team used Esprits 3,5 twin turbo V8 in 2 cars? Rest 3 teams took Chevy's flat plane modified V8? 4. GT1 Champiohship 1997 had 4 teams - GFB UK, Martin Veyhle Team, Giroix First Racing and GT1 Lotus Racing? (Some of these drove with McLaren's previously years and MVR had the #06R F1 GTR at Helsinki too...) 5. Best Result was in Helsinki 3 hours finishgin 15th? (I WAS PRESENT!!!!) 6. These all all existing today? 7. The roadcar must be spending it's time in Hethel and rarely seen anywhere? 8. What else I need to know about GT1 Elise, I've already searched information, I know it's basic history but what I need to know more and are these my collected information correct? Thank you for the answers!
  2. OK, THANKS! Need to check this 2 hour clip..! I should search a bit more... Thanks.! And about those 3 links above...Brilliant, exact what I was looking for.!
  3. Oh Brilliant!!! Thank You for these, very much welcome links! Seems exact what I was hoping for, good basic info and facts.! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm new on the forum. Currently writing for Finnish car freaks Lotus Elise history and I just struggling to find facts and history of the car, so much info but more or les confusing. Wikipedia is more or less good with the basic facts but is there any else site on the Net, where I could find reliable information of the S1, S2 and S3 Elises? I'm not searching for super details, just need to find good facts about the engines, weights and so on. Lets say, the major details what is good to be told. It all started when I got behind of the wheel with 220S Elise this summer....😍 Also will do this same project for Exige... Evora has been written down already in Finnish and if will come up into my blog site soon. If anyone could help me to give tips for this issue...I would be grateful! Still wondering is there any interest of English versions for these......
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