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  1. Hi. I’ve a white Elise and finally got round to giving it a wash. The paint on the near side rear just above diffuser is looking a bit bluish. Any thoughts? do I need to scrub harder. I didn’t buy it new so it’s possible of course that’s there’s been some cosmetic work to that area...
  2. Thanks. Yes, she’s really awesome. not so awesome for the Christmas shopping run, but well, everyone is just getting small gifts this year 🤣
  3. Thank you both. jep, yes, she’s certainly making an impression!
  4. So I’m introducing myself, first time Lotus collected on Friday. 2016 1.6. Dreaming of the sport 220 but dipping my toe in the water! They say never meet your heroes, but so far... great fun!
  5. Thanks. Will look out the introductions section! yes very happy, it’s a fine machine. Hopefully a good first Lotus. 2016 1.6. Already been through rain & snow.... now not as white as the picture!
  6. Years after seeing Bond drive his submersible, I’m now finally a Lotus owner! woohoo
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