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  1. OK, got my Evora 400 audio updated (finally - long story). Paul: Thanks for the recommendation of Connor and team were awesome and I'm super happy with the install and the improved audio. They recommened a updated set of components compared to JayEmm's list - details below Prima AP49bit 4 channel Amp. Pro Hertz Mille 130mm. Prima aps8r. Stinger power cables & loads of skinz pro black sound deadening. Sounds amazing. Simon
  2. Hi All, Super useful thread and Thanks to JayEmm for the info. OK, as a new owner of an Evora 400 who is looking to have this audio upgrade done, any suggestions of a Audio Fitter in the Reading, Berkshire area (or an hours drive in any direction) who you would trust to pull an Evora apart to do this. Cheers Simon
  3. Hi All, I'm back and with an Evora 400 (to join my Honda s2000 and Caterham R400)! Thanks for all the advice. You were right about the red interior colour - it's dark enough and mixed with black bits to look great. Ended up buying the Silver one from Bell & Colvill. Great guys and good to know they are my local dealer. Simon
  4. OK - OK - I'm feeling the overwhelming love for the red interior from you all. So will keep an open mind until I see it in the flesh. Any suggestions for things to look out for? I've heard about the squeaky seats (with the semi-fix), and ignore the lowish quality audio. What else? Looks like the car at Bell & Colvill has been with them well over six months - could be closer to 12. Simon
  5. Thanks all, good advice and info. Yes, will definitely let you know how I get on. I did look at the 410 sport at Bell and Colvill but unlikely to work for me as a) I'm after a daily drive so more road than track b) the carbon seats sound like they fit you perfectly or they don't - no half ways c) that car was a media demo car and there are many fine video's of it going sideways. It looks like the normal delta between a 400 and a 410 sport is around £10k. But if I do visit Bell and Colvill I will take a look at it and check out the seats. Simon
  6. Thanks Justin, Good to hear about Bell and Colvill being well regarded. How were they on negotiations? I did see their name mentioned a fair amount - always in a positive way. Also, they are the closest to me of the three. I guess I'll have to go and have a look, see if the red interior works for me - before anything else. Simon
  7. Hi All, Looking at used Evora 400's in the new year (present to myself). It would be great to get any views from the experts on this forum. These three seem to be the best bets so far. 1. Hendy - 2. Bell & Colvill - 3. Williams in Bristol - They are all around the same age (Sep 2015 to march 2016), mileage (13,000 to 16,000) and specification
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