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  1. Hi. Anyone know the sizes in cm,s for front and rear for a k series s2 04 year. Speakers
  2. Sorted now. Clip on wheel is sold
  3. Hi.does anyone have a standard s2 steering wheel they would sell. Or would swap for a nearly new momo clip on/off wheel includes fitting boss. Not mega fussed about condition as would be refurbed. Non air bag type. Pm me please
  4. On a s2 kseries .should you have to fully depress the clutch to get a good change. Cheers
  5. They also have a set of Ao48r yoko They say for s2 but no sizes on that advert . Both on hanger11 site
  6. Thanks just found some yokos on hanger 111 site Advan ad07 these ok ? It says must be stored at above 10 degree In correct sizes
  7. Well this is a struggle. My car as 175 55 16 f 225 45 17 r I'm getting zilch results when searching the black circle place did,nt come up with owt. Ive got a place that would thats no prob. I just thought order pay fit . 😡😡😡 Are mine the normal size for a 2004 s2 ?? Ta
  8. Thanks just on net looking now. Can you ring the circles place
  9. Thanks.ile ring round tomoz. Are they yoko's how much ish you rekon for 4 fitted Just looked on net is the rs after the number you said the same. Price differs loads unsure of which is correct. Do you have any links please 54plate s2 kseries Are all s2 same tyres thankya
  10. Ready for 4 tyres for my 2004 s2. Which should i go for .not doing track days thankyou
  11. Thankyou. It sure is mate.I dont want to have to compound again. Few small scratches but only under big is a 2004 in black afterall
  12. Cheers mate.deatailing just done. 2 days later. Small mark when you take soft top off. Need bit of touch up
  13. Any idea what black this is. Need some touch up. Thanks
  14. Thank you. So if its got a k series engine its like that and after move to toyota its the small exhaust underneath
  15. Hi. My mate is thinking about buying a s2 elise.he likes the style of exhaust on mine.with 2 chuncky pipes in the mesh grill not the 2 small pipes underneath. Anyone know which type these are on ? Mines a 04 thanks
  16. First da sesh one half done. Need to turn her round now.about 8 hours on that half
  17. Hi.are the door cards on a s2 the same if electric windows or wind type.
  18. Hi.near worksop. Its k series its one of a few sent for super charger from new
  19. Thankyou. Few swirls in daylight. I will be spending a few days with the da over christmas
  20. Hi. I want to paint my calipers black.they are yellow now. The person who did them got paint on the nipples . Can i swap them for the easy bleed type so they look factory fresh if so anyone know which size to order . S2 2004 thankyou
  21. Hi.elise s2 2004. Ive removed my dash cap to fit a carbon one. Theres a motorola module under there about a inch square . Is it a imoboliser . Tracker ? Fitted by lotus.thanks Ps on n side
  22. Can you buy a workshop manual or does it have to be a download laptop type. Wanted for dash interior clips etc. Ie in which order to remove dash cap and panels with light buttons in Ps s2 elise
  23. Disaster averted. Thank god.thought i had bust it.I had to pull it fully back then line up with wifey holding torch. Been told i cant touch it now.😡
  24. Hi. First thing today ghrrrr. I thought the mirrors folded in to put a cover on. Ive folded it back but its sort of popped out of kilter but under strong spring i have to pull it firmly out to get back in. I send a pik thanks
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