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  1. I went over to the Ypres Lotus day gain this year (2023). The sun shone, the roof was off and the day was a good one.  The typical wide selection of almost every road car Lotus has made was there. I stayed in the Ariane hotel which is fantastic, parking, great service and the food both there and the dinner at the event were great. There might also have been a few beers enjoyed too... the day before!  I'll post some pics soon, but here is a wee time laps video of the run.



    yld2023 insta-Cover.jpg

  2. Help - can you answer my question..... I'm stuck! (I have another thread open also with a faulty Headlight unit) Trying to fix my DRL/indicator LED's, so far... I'm not an expert, but to my ability I have tested for continuity from car to light unit. From light unit plug to LED's. I have tested all components for Ohms, Resistance or Volts throughout the board and I have found nothing that shouted to my untrained eye, that there was a fault. i.e. all diodes test the same figure. All resistors test for their resistance figure. Nothing stood out as different or not working. Question: The pinouts from car to plug has two wires that I couldn't work out what they did? All actions in the car - ignition on, indicators on/off, DRL's, side lights activated (DRL's dimmed), main, full, etc... all showed on the other cables, at the car-to-lightunit plug ... So can anyone tell me what 1 and 6 are for? Or if I've made a mistake... then please let me know.
  3. Hi, I've seen very little on any forum or chat group to do with this issue. (and I've searched! and I know there are a coupe of threads on here) It's not that the light unit failure doesn't happen, it's that it doesn't ever have a resolve, other than the purchase of a very expensive new light. No one I've found on-line, with a failed headlight has a fix. So I'm making a thread to try and find a solution, as I know many would benefit... So far, I've opened my light unit, by heat gun, softening the sealant. What I've found is a plastic light body, light internals, circuit board, wiring and LEDs etc... that look as good as the day they were made. There are no traces of condensation, electrical burn, dust, age... anywhere. So as a layman, I'm stumped. My swing a mallet at it ability is not going to work in this case, unfortunately. It looks like is require the subtle charm of a electrically gifted 3rd party. I'll post my journey, what ever that ends up being... . Here are some pics for you...
  4. Ominus - I've seen your post which is very timely for me. I have a similar issue on my S3 Elise off side unit, and am about to pull it apart to suss the issue. I still have the indicator working, just the DRL on one side failed.. and I quite like them on. Especially as I'm a small black car often going in and out of tree covered, sun and shaded Surrey back lanes. I have no wisdom to offer just now, but I'll post some if I have it. As your post is a year or more old, what was the outcome of your problems. How did you resolve it?
  5. Hi, I have a similar issue and cannot find any info what so ever. This is the only S3 thread I have found. I wondered if you still had the wiring diagram or any other info that could help me before I try to fix my issue... and did you eventually manage to resolve your issue? Cheers
  6. Problem... My drivers side DRL has stopped working.☹️ All other lights work as they should, including the drivers side indicator.🙂 I've looked for info here and on other sites and I can't find any info for the S3 headlight, bar one basic post of two pictures. Plenty for the Evora and S2 light units though.🙁 I know Silverstone Lotus have an Evora mod, but it seems to be the only time a 'fix' has been produced for any model. So I'm faced with DIY or spending big £££££££££ --- My questions are... - Does anyone have any helpful info I've missed? - Does anyone have wiring or pinout info they could share? - has anyone experienced similar issues... and how did you resolve them? --- Action to take... I'm looking/forced at pulling the light apart as a last resort, if fault finding the feed before the light unit doesn't find an issue. Any help appreciated.
  7. I realise that this thread is a couple of years old. But I have received a letter from the Surrey Police to say that they 'know' that I have an illegal plate and that I have twenty eight days to rectify it. So I thought I'd update the thread with some info I've found. The letter doesn't mention what is illegal or how they know! With a little internet checking, I find that this is a common place thing and I am by no means the first to receive a surprise letter from Surrey Police. I have a fully legal rear plate and an identical looking front plate which is just slightly smaller. So I assume that's the reason for the letter. But it may not be? They are not 3d/4d or any of they jazz... To correct my illegality - 520x111 is a standard size plate, but 464x101 is the smallest legal plate I can go to according to plate makers if I have 7 digits. So that's what it's going to have to be.
  8. I wonder if your collective brains know a solution for me - regards Removable steering wheel. I've fitted a B6 Tillett seat and have a 4cm spacer on the steering wheel, giving me a fantastic sitting position for my long legs. But... and its now a big but... I can't get out the car... Literally stuck! (this is what we call progress!)😂 and a solution would be a flat bottomed air bag wheel or fitting a removable steering wheel keeping the airbag. Does anyone know of a solution? Even if I could tilt the wheel when its still attached to the car, would make a big difference. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks guys. Gotta get pretty for the 2022 sunshine!😁
  10. Hi, I live in west London and would like recommendations for a bodyshop to work on my Elise in the west London Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire... I'm happy to travel if I get a good service. Thanks for your input.
  11. You've been too busy playing in the car to make a post... that's understandable! 😆 A cracking car... and I'm sure you have a fair few Lotus suitable roads over there to enjoy! If your back at B&C anytime say 'hi' and you're more than welcome to come out on a Sunday morning scoot (typically about 100-200miles).👍
  12. Hi, From the few LED/HID additions to cars over the last few years, they seem well made. When I phoned them to order they said that they only sell what will works for the long term. What will keep its colour temp and output, etc.. when I was asking about a 100w equivalent instead of the standard wattage. They said they didn't do it in this bulb as they haven't tested it. I found them because of multiple satisfied customers in their original marketplace - old cars seriously needing an up grade. My findings - they are white and match the DRL's which is nice. They are brighter than what I had... but... they are not bright. Not by a modern car standard. However I do think they are making the best of the light units that Lotus use. The led is supposed to be made to a spec that allows the light pattern to match the bulb output, preventing the usual issue. Summary - I'm happy they look modern, match the DLR's and my black car. But I'm disappointed that the best I've tried so far is still down on my expectations and its ability to light up the road satisfactorily. In the driveway against the garage door, they are noticeably better, but on the road the brightness doesn't translate to much of a difference. I'd think that a more powerful bulb is prop baby what's required. How that would deal with heat generated is the then, unknown factor. But its not a problem, as I've not found an uprated bulb in that model. I know I've given you a warm response to the led's. They are better, just not by much. Hope that helps
  13. Yep, you're right. With further reading, I've found that the other Lotus seats will pretty much be the same. I've tried the B8 and B6 Tillett after speaking to Steve Tillett and I'm going to go with the B6 option in XL. So, I'm looking forward to getting the seat even further back and lower, to straighten my legs even more.
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