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  1. Re the AD008'rs' - I haven't found praise for the tyre. I've found a mixed bag of reports on this new compound. None of them shouting about it, many saying its OK but not as good as it was... and many saying its crap. So, I've not convinced on the current iteration of it. Which then leaves the v105 or AO52... with the gap the AD08r filled. I could buy two sets of tyres, but I don't want to. I'll end up doing eeny meeny miny moe!☺️
  2. Aye, bought from Jimmy... Its a small world! lol I was going to buy a set anyway.. so it was good timing. I'm just going into my 2nd Lotus year... I had the RRR tune last year and meant to get the suspension sorted too... but just kept going out in it! lol. So, I'm sure it'd feel good with anything new on... But I'm looking forward to seeing the 46's on and how the car changes... for the better I hope! 😁 I'm onto tyre buying now... and its a dark hole I've jumped into. I thought it was going be simple. Very few options for the 16" front, and then each with a compromise.
  3. Good info Colin67... Reassuring to hear that you have the extended tops too... I makes sense to me, and I was taking the advice of the lengthened tops benefits at face value, which I was sure was good advice. But its always nice to have something confirmed. Speaking to the guys at RRR, they saw about 300-320 to be the tops for the current set up and had the data of the modified (effectively the 300bbhp tune test mule) Fatjoe cars season of racing to use as well. Also, on the road, the %age of the time its being abused is negligible. I have additional cooling in the front valance w
  4. What tyre do you put on when do a road trip? ..another set of new 52's? I can't see me getting involved with tyres like you've described. So I maybe need to sacrifice a little ultimate grip to have a better 'all round' summer sports tyre. Thanks for your feedback
  5. What is the tyre choice for an Elise owner in 2021? I'm asking for your tyre feedback - as much of the information I can find on the net is a few years old and irrelevant. I'd love your 'actually user experience'. I have an Elise tuned to 300bhp. It has mismatched tyres and I've just completed my first year of ownership... so I'm sure any new tyres will feel hugely better, as I have no Lotus experience of other tyres. It a fast road car... Not a track car. Choices I've short listed are: Yokohama V105 - an older tyre but one which still is loved by users, b
  6. I was on the understanding that the 260's tyre width was only relevant and working, when the car is at full chat creating its extra downforce making the tyres work hard and without the downforce the extra tyre width didn't make a difference else where.
  7. Hi Colin... Thanks for the feedback. I'm in West London, so we play on some of the same roads... Suspension wise, I benefited from another Elise owners loss. Right time... right place, as is said. I bought a 'nearly new' set of Nitron 46's (NTR body, but with the front units lengthened a little so that the car can be set up nearer road height with out issue. (It can be done without the extra length of the standard lower than road spec height units, but the helper springs are compressed to get there. So the height prevents this) They have the stiffer 450/600 springs. So I'm looking f
  8. Hi, I have an S3 which I want to fit better shock/springs/bushes on to. I've confused myself researching... but it seems the choice is pretty much Nitron! My question is - which ones? I drive road 90% track10% Fast street or Fast street NTR? Which one? Will the NTR be too stiff on-road? Hoffmans apparently do a specially valved Nitron set up, which is great, from what I have read. The problems is, most of what I read about any of it, is a few years old. So I'd appreciate your experience on suspension renewal... What should I buy?
  9. I notice that your 4" grills are fitted into the dashboard recess, unlike many other installs of this speaker. Do you know how this was achieved and do you have more pictures please. (was the plastic surround cut down, or a totally separate surround used?) cheers
  10. Reading this in Feb 2020.... but the info above is still relevant to a new Elise 220 owner like me looking to see what's tuning is about - which is actually very little. Although I have seen a new offering from a UK tuner - so I though I'd add it. An Elise racer used him and its on Youtube for you to see (link below). Looks like an identical offer to the Komotec one. But... and its a big but... they can add uprated injectors (the limiting factor from 260) and claim 300bhp. Whats you thoughts? I'm tempted!
  11. What a wet day! I didn’t get a chance to say ‘hi’ to most of you today, but I thought the effort gone to for the cake was fantastic and worth recognition. Well done to those involved.
  12. I’m a new to Elise ownership... and here’s some initial thoughts - please understand, I love it. But here’s some thoughts... on the ‘why?’ ... has no one else thought this ... has Lotus not bettered this ... did this make it to production ... is it not an aftermarket part None which change or add weight etc to the car. (And it’s meant to be tongue in cheek.. although I would really like the first one) - why isn’t there a soft edge or soft edge additional cushion to the sill? To help exit on my thigh. (I’m over 6’ tall, so it’s a squeeze with the roof on) - why is t
  13. I'll see if I get over on Sunday with my Crimbo pressy. Early suits me. It would be nice to speak 'with' other Lotus owners instead of talking 'to' non owners! lol I've turned up at NC, on a motorbike or a road bike in the past... so a first in few ways!
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