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  1. I notice that your 4" grills are fitted into the dashboard recess, unlike many other installs of this speaker. Do you know how this was achieved and do you have more pictures please. (was the plastic surround cut down, or a totally separate surround used?) cheers
  2. Reading this in Feb 2020.... but the info above is still relevant to a new Elise 220 owner like me looking to see what's tuning is about - which is actually very little. Although I have seen a new offering from a UK tuner - so I though I'd add it. An Elise racer used him and its on Youtube for you to see (link below). Looks like an identical offer to the Komotec one. But... and its a big but... they can add uprated injectors (the limiting factor from 260) and claim 300bhp. Whats you thoughts? I'm tempted!
  3. What a wet day! I didn’t get a chance to say ‘hi’ to most of you today, but I thought the effort gone to for the cake was fantastic and worth recognition. Well done to those involved.
  4. I’m a new to Elise ownership... and here’s some initial thoughts - please understand, I love it. But here’s some thoughts... on the ‘why?’ ... has no one else thought this ... has Lotus not bettered this ... did this make it to production ... is it not an aftermarket part None which change or add weight etc to the car. (And it’s meant to be tongue in cheek.. although I would really like the first one) - why isn’t there a soft edge or soft edge additional cushion to the sill? To help exit on my thigh. (I’m over 6’ tall, so it’s a squeeze with the roof on) - why is the engine cold light the same blue as full beam... making me think my full beam is on! - why doesn’t the indicator have a click sound? Or have the three flash function like every other vehicle on the road. Both would be safer! - why is the cup holder too small to hold a cup.. or anything other than a small plastic water bottle? - why doesn’t the cup holder hold two? One for each seat. - why does the cup holder not come out low enough or far enough? Things jammed in it hit the heater controls. - what is the middle of the seats ‘bottle’ holder meant to be for? It doesn’t hold bottles, or an iPhone, or pretty much anything else! - the iPod holder?????? - why isn’t there a single handed way of holding the rear engine cover panel up for the S3 like I’ve seen in other engined variants, instead of the rod that requires lifting up into its slot and then holds the cover too low to easily access the boot. - the engine cover release catch could be far easier to open. - there must be a better looking wing mirror? - Gregsparts rear lights look so much better! - what’s the point of the side lights when the DRL’s are brighter - just make the rear lights work with the DRL’s all the time? I’d prefer the rears on. - the heater controls don’t allow windscreen and feet simultaneously! - the electric window button would be better with not one but two recesses. My finger slides of the proud bump at the bottom end. - the space behind the seats has a small hard to use net. But if the shelf space had a ‘front of space’ netting it would be more useable (ie stuffing a jacket behind the seats it would be kept there) I know, many are picky. But they would make the experience of the great car even better... and no I don’t want an MX5, Boxter, hot hatch, etc If there is a cup holder... it should be able to hold a cup! We are not ‘on it’ all the time.. a coffee's nice. It's just a tongue in cheek look at a unique car. (If there are fixes/changes I don’t know. Please let me know) I'm sure you have others!
  5. I'll see if I get over on Sunday with my Crimbo pressy. Early suits me. It would be nice to speak 'with' other Lotus owners instead of talking 'to' non owners! lol I've turned up at NC, on a motorbike or a road bike in the past... so a first in few ways!
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