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  1. I wonder if your collective brains know a solution for me - regards Removable steering wheel. I've fitted a B6 Tillett seat and have a 4cm spacer on the steering wheel, giving me a fantastic sitting position for my long legs. But... and its now a big but... I can't get out the car... Literally stuck! (this is what we call progress!)😂 and a solution would be a flat bottomed air bag wheel or fitting a removable steering wheel keeping the airbag. Does anyone know of a solution? Even if I could tilt the wheel when its still attached to the car, would make a big difference. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Gotta get pretty for the 2022 sunshine!😁
  3. Hi, I live in west London and would like recommendations for a bodyshop to work on my Elise in the west London Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire... I'm happy to travel if I get a good service. Thanks for your input.
  4. You've been too busy playing in the car to make a post... that's understandable! 😆 A cracking car... and I'm sure you have a fair few Lotus suitable roads over there to enjoy! If your back at B&C anytime say 'hi' and you're more than welcome to come out on a Sunday morning scoot (typically about 100-200miles).👍
  5. Hi, From the few LED/HID additions to cars over the last few years, they seem well made. When I phoned them to order they said that they only sell what will works for the long term. What will keep its colour temp and output, etc.. when I was asking about a 100w equivalent instead of the standard wattage. They said they didn't do it in this bulb as they haven't tested it. I found them because of multiple satisfied customers in their original marketplace - old cars seriously needing an up grade. My findings - they are white and match the DRL's which is nice. They are brighter than what I had... but... they are not bright. Not by a modern car standard. However I do think they are making the best of the light units that Lotus use. The led is supposed to be made to a spec that allows the light pattern to match the bulb output, preventing the usual issue. Summary - I'm happy they look modern, match the DLR's and my black car. But I'm disappointed that the best I've tried so far is still down on my expectations and its ability to light up the road satisfactorily. In the driveway against the garage door, they are noticeably better, but on the road the brightness doesn't translate to much of a difference. I'd think that a more powerful bulb is prop baby what's required. How that would deal with heat generated is the then, unknown factor. But its not a problem, as I've not found an uprated bulb in that model. I know I've given you a warm response to the led's. They are better, just not by much. Hope that helps
  6. Yep, you're right. With further reading, I've found that the other Lotus seats will pretty much be the same. I've tried the B8 and B6 Tillett after speaking to Steve Tillett and I'm going to go with the B6 option in XL. So, I'm looking forward to getting the seat even further back and lower, to straighten my legs even more.
  7. I have a problem with my seats... I have seats like the ones in the first pic. The side bolsters are lower (standard) than in the later top end kit, as in the bottom pic, with the higher sides. My problem: - I've had the car close to two years now with about 12k miles covered and the seats have always dug into my manspreading thighs. OK for an hour or so, but I've just completed 1400 miles/5 days in Wales and I'm sore. Solution: - Try the seats on the right and see if they would be better. - Buy Tillet B5 or 8 or 6screamer - Buy any other after market seat maker that fits. What am I looking for? - A seat I sit 'in' and doesn't pinch/dig in on my outer thighs. Background: - I've moved my standard seat lower and back a good few cm's by using InKinotec Tall rails that I've then modified further. The seat and position with the 40mm steering spacer is great for driving... but the slight recline I now have is making the initial annoyance of seat bolsters digging in, now a real issue which is painful. Even though the whole seat position is far better. My question to you is: Pleas let me know what your experience of seat changing, re-padding, Lotus seat differences, after market seats, etc... that you have. I'd be very thankful for your guidance. Cheers
  8. Hi, I've just added a bulb from Classic Car LED. So far they seem great and well made. My main beam matches the white of the DRL's now. I bought these after finding good reviews from Classic car owners who had long term experience of the product. So hopefully they proves to be great for a few years. Importantly the throw is great, as they are made to work as if they were a bulb. So no binding oncoming traffic or not lighting up the road.
  9. Kev, loved reading your journey. You’ve preempted the journey I was going to go. I’ve sent a message….
  10. My Elise Drivers seat which is on runners is OK. But having sat in a car with Tillets fitted, I realise I'd like to move my seat further back and lower.... and I'm trying very hard to not just buy a lovely set of Tillets. So I ask for help! There is space to use, but I have failed to find a solution for moving the Lotus seat, except for one home made welded affair on an American forum called British Cars.. But that's it! ...and I can't believe that it hasn't been done before now. My initial thought was to use a left hand drive passenger mount, but from what I've read, that doesn't work. Can anyone shed any light on how to move my drivers seat... is there a mount, hack, product.... that achieves it? Thanks
  11. I ask for your knowledge... I've looked around the web and the Lotus sites and I can only find one option for adding a spacer to my air bag steering wheel. The only option I've found is a Komo-Tec option. Which Im sure is great, but at 70 Eros for a little bit of metal I wondered if there was another option. Does anyone know of any other options for the airbag steering wheel? Cheers
  12. I bought my car in Dec2019 and when I was looking, I'm sure Will Blackman had two of these for sale around then. I was very tempted - I love the colour way. So it my have been with him since then?
  13. I used Lotus stickers (I think from an Evora).
  14. The Elise S3 has two diffusers (not inc. the big aero Cup version). The Pre 2017 & Post 2017 I can see the schematic for both on De Roure and have looked at loads of pics of cars and cannot work out what the difference is? I've not managed to find any actual measurements for them either. I was going to 'update' my pre 2017 diffuser, but I can't see a difference with the new one, without actually getting them side by side? The new one does have two extra middle fins, but is the actual size (outline) of the diffuser any different to the older one? Does anyone know the difference between the two? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the input guys.... I went with a quote that was very different to every other one. Most simply wouldn't insure over 5k miles! If I was cynical I'd say insurers want only to insure people who park their car in a garage. Not people who want to drive! So, 10k miles 5 track days and the usual legal, windscreen, etc... £722 with A Plan
  16. So far, after a days worth of phone calls... my car is too new, or its too expensive, or it's to tuned, or its too big a requested annual mileage..... - "It's not 10 years old yet and we only insure that on a classic policy" - "We don't insure that type of car over 5k miles" - normally its only 3k" (because why would you want to do more than 5k in a gorgeous Lotus) - "Driveway is a NO. Garage only for us to look at you" -etc...etc....etc.... I'm pulling my hair out... It a used Lotus Elise... Not a £3million Bugatti! I've tried - Reis, Henderson Taylor, Classic Line, Manning, Footman James, AIB... I was hoping to have track day cover in the policy, hence the co's above. Does anyone have any suggestions? cheers!
  17. Re the AD008'rs' - I haven't found praise for the tyre. I've found a mixed bag of reports on this new compound. None of them shouting about it, many saying its OK but not as good as it was... and many saying its crap. So, I've not convinced on the current iteration of it. Which then leaves the v105 or AO52... with the gap the AD08r filled. I could buy two sets of tyres, but I don't want to. I'll end up doing eeny meeny miny moe!☺️
  18. Aye, bought from Jimmy... Its a small world! lol I was going to buy a set anyway.. so it was good timing. I'm just going into my 2nd Lotus year... I had the RRR tune last year and meant to get the suspension sorted too... but just kept going out in it! lol. So, I'm sure it'd feel good with anything new on... But I'm looking forward to seeing the 46's on and how the car changes... for the better I hope! 😁 I'm onto tyre buying now... and its a dark hole I've jumped into. I thought it was going be simple. Very few options for the 16" front, and then each with a compromise. Ao52's - standard on a Cup, but not for -10'c or a wet motorway. V105's - apparently the best Yoko road tyre, but one that's old and wont play as hard on the few summer blasts when conditions are 'just right'! Will 52's last a couple of months playing and a Europe trip? Other options seem to be even more polar - either a comfortable saloon car tyre that will last years and dull the beauty which is Lotus, or a track tyre, which is simply just not suitable if I'm caught out in the rain. AD48r's was going to be my choice - soft but not 52 price... however the new 'rs' version seems to be crap. Hmmm! 😆
  19. Good info Colin67... Reassuring to hear that you have the extended tops too... I makes sense to me, and I was taking the advice of the lengthened tops benefits at face value, which I was sure was good advice. But its always nice to have something confirmed. Speaking to the guys at RRR, they saw about 300-320 to be the tops for the current set up and had the data of the modified (effectively the 300bbhp tune test mule) Fatjoe cars season of racing to use as well. Also, on the road, the %age of the time its being abused is negligible. I have additional cooling in the front valance which piggy backs onto the cooler unit in front of the front wheel. Its an RRR kit, you can see on their website. I don't have the final drive reduction set up, but Im sure it makes a nice difference. And with the torque of the tune, the pull the car has across the rev range is wholly better than stock, making it nice on the road... a polar opposite to the pre-2zr high revving Elise defining engines before the 2zr. Actually hiding the tall gearing issue somewhat, unless track seconds are being chased. I've wondered if the LSD option would be a nice addition to a 300bhp Elise on uk damp roads, as I spin an inside wheel often. I know the uprated suspension and tyres will help this, but the LSD for its small weight penalty on changing grip levels UK back roads, I would have thought to only be a benefit. Maybe others will say otherwise. My car was always going to be a road car, that might make it to a track once or twice. So the the more road friendly 2zr engine suited, even it it doesn't rev as high, blah, blah, blah... and the tune takes the torque and makes the car a very ready anywhere toy. The supercharger and tune give it a very linear tune, benefiting it across the rev range. Tyres choice has me scratching my head. Reviews conflict, sizes don't fit an Elise, I want a 200 wear rate tyre (AO52), but probably actually need a 300 UHP tyre (V105). The AD08RS would probably be the choice balance between cost and design, but other than a couple of people saying they like theirs, it's had very poor reviews in comparisons to the fantastic AD08R it replaces. So I soldier on until I decide or become exhausted!
  20. What tyre do you put on when do a road trip? ..another set of new 52's? I can't see me getting involved with tyres like you've described. So I maybe need to sacrifice a little ultimate grip to have a better 'all round' summer sports tyre. Thanks for your feedback
  21. What is the tyre choice for an Elise owner in 2021? I'm asking for your tyre feedback - as much of the information I can find on the net is a few years old and irrelevant. I'd love your 'actually user experience'. I have an Elise tuned to 300bhp. It has mismatched tyres and I've just completed my first year of ownership... so I'm sure any new tyres will feel hugely better, as I have no Lotus experience of other tyres. It a fast road car... Not a track car. Choices I've short listed are: Yokohama V105 - an older tyre but one which still is loved by users, but not so much in comparison tests. It OE on the Elise right now along with Porsche, BMW, etc... and is their 'best' fast road tyre. Yokohama 08r - a loved tyre but now discontinued and poor in the wet, but maybe a little too track bias for my fast road car. Yokohama 08rs - the new 08r, but initial feedback is not great Yokohama Ao52 - great, but costly and a short life. OE on the 250 CUP Elise, but do owners put a 2nd set on? Nanking N-2R - a Track/road tyre which has some great reviews and medium life. So, in a car bought to be used and played with all year, what would be a great tyre to play on Sunday mornings, drive to the alps to do a few mountain passes and so on... Thanks for your feedback...
  22. I was on the understanding that the 260's tyre width was only relevant and working, when the car is at full chat creating its extra downforce making the tyres work hard and without the downforce the extra tyre width didn't make a difference else where.
  23. Hi Colin... Thanks for the feedback. I'm in West London, so we play on some of the same roads... Suspension wise, I benefited from another Elise owners loss. Right time... right place, as is said. I bought a 'nearly new' set of Nitron 46's (NTR body, but with the front units lengthened a little so that the car can be set up nearer road height with out issue. (It can be done without the extra length of the standard lower than road spec height units, but the helper springs are compressed to get there. So the height prevents this) They have the stiffer 450/600 springs. So I'm looking forward to getting them on the car in a couple of weeks. I'm after a fast road toy and dropping it to a lowered track height is not an option for me... I'd be stuck on the first speed bumps two road from my house! lol. The info I was given by the lad who bought them and has had others on Lotus in the past, was that with the dampers clicked towards the softer end, the heavier springs should be firm but not harsh... so I'll see what they're like and if too harsh, I'll put on a softer set. I'm going to have the bushes renewed, but not made harder. As I'm sure mine are showing signs of age and use. So new, will be an improvement, but keeping some road civility. The tune is RRR its brilliant. Totally transforms the car. I know some owners want to tinker with the ECU settings, but I was after a set up that was easy to use as if it was standard. Which it is- 265bhp standard with 300bhp on sport button. With reduced traction control and the ability to have it properly off. When I was buying my car, I could either buy a cup or buy a 220 and give it a better tune, suspension, etc... and still have money spare from the Cup price.. so that what I've done. And on the back roads of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, of a Sunday morning drive... I doubt I'm missing any aero advantage the Cup would have given. There will be some Hampshire roads win here I'm sure... Now its tyres - V105, A08, N-2r, etc... It's a mine field!
  24. Hi, I have an S3 which I want to fit better shock/springs/bushes on to. I've confused myself researching... but it seems the choice is pretty much Nitron! My question is - which ones? I drive road 90% track10% Fast street or Fast street NTR? Which one? Will the NTR be too stiff on-road? Hoffmans apparently do a specially valved Nitron set up, which is great, from what I have read. The problems is, most of what I read about any of it, is a few years old. So I'd appreciate your experience on suspension renewal... What should I buy? thanks
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