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  1. I was stopped at a light when the lady in the car in front me gets out and walks back to the Exige. I had the top off so it was easy to see her standing at the left front corner of the car. She looks at me and says "That is a really cute car!". I told her "Thanks". She then proceeds back to her car and the light turns green. Most of the time when I'm driving, I will see phone cameras out the window getting pictures, etc. The other one that I like is when the guy in the car next to you asks you what kind of car it is. I always say "That it is a Lotus." The next thing they ask is "Who
  2. It is actually not up to Trump but a group called the GSA. Unfortunately, Trump appointed a loyalist to the management position and that person will not release the funds, etc. until the election results have been certified. This could be stretched until the Electoral College votes and that election is certified by Congress. This could push everything off until mid-December. If Trump would concede then the process could start now. Later, Eldon
  3. Delusional is just a polite or PC way of saying that the person is lying to themselves. Later, Eldon
  4. @Jack - I guess old age and treachery has out done youth and exuberance!!!
  5. So, I paid for the membership, do I have to do anything to get the pictures to appear? Thanks, Eldon
  6. Here's a couple of pics of the Cup-R at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. I'm getting a message that my allowed attachment space is exhausted. How do I fix this?
  7. My point was that Nixon was dishonest to the Public but honest to Himself. He wasn't trying to make up a reality that didn't exist therefore he did not lie to himself. Trump tries to create a reality that he believes exists or wants to exits thus he is very dishonest to himself.
  8. Honest to the Public or to Himself?
  9. This actually happened and they removed her vote. She absented voted because of her illness. She then died before election night. Pence can only pardon him for federal crimes, not state crimes. NY state is after him for tax fraud. Later, Eldon
  10. From reading a couple of articles, they classify Trump as a Con-Man. Therefore, the people he has conned do NOT want to admit that they have been conned. Some of his former aids actual admit that they were conned and it took them years to realized and accept it because they did not want to admit that they could or were being conned. Later, Eldon
  11. It varies from state to state. Nevada and Arizona are now giving updates once or twice a day at the most. I believe Georgia and Pennsylvania are still working on Election Night policy. Later, Eldon
  12. You can say that because you don't live here and have to deal with the fallout.
  13. For us that are stuck here with this con artist/person, that is our fear! Later, Eldon
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