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  1. We have Kyle Busch on this side of the pond. He is one of the best all around drivers I have seen. His attitude would always get him Boos after winning a race. He would just thank the fans and give them a big bow. I'm curious to see how the strategy works out tomorrow. They are saying that if you start on the softs that you are going to have to make two stops. I wonder if RB will try to run long on the softs and switch to the hards. Also, would softs->med->med work out as a good strategy to over come the extra 30 seconds loss on the extra pitstop. I guess we will know tomorrow. 😀 Later, Eldon
  2. Max pulls the same style of move at Imola in a low speed corner and Horner gives Max kudos. I'll give Max credit, he says he wants to ignore the "Noise" and just race. In the US, we see a lot of this posturing from the supporting staff but not the actual drivers. I think a lot of this is driven by the media to create interest. I cannot believe that Red Bull is pushing the incident to the level that they are. It was racing and should be left at that. Build the best car and put your best driver in charge of it. Let the drivers race! Later, Eldon
  3. What I saw was two drivers not giving much quarter. Hamilton was playing the long game when the season started. He is behind so his strategy was not working. He has allowed his competition to play the more aggressive card and take advantage of the results. Now he decides that he needs to be more aggressive, as his competition, and when two drivers are going to be aggressive, what we saw is what is going to happen. The results are one wrecks, both wrecks or neither. Looking at the race, I would put Lewis at 51% and Max at 49%. Why? Because the over taking driver has the responsibility to make the pass without causing a collision. Max has been driving with very aggressive tactics so he should not be complaining. Sooner or later, how you drive is going to come back and haunt you. Was it an unsafe place to pass? Really! These guys are claimed to be the best and should be able to do things the normal drivers cannot. Lewis proved that it is a viable passing zone because he passed for the lead of the race with the same maneuver. I also believe that it was noted that another driver pulled off the same move in the same corner. My 2 cents, Eldon
  4. It was good to see the fans support and push the British drivers; all of them. I would have like to seen Lewis's last run without the mistake. It might have put more of a frown on Max's face. I believe too that George has earned the right of a top team's seat. I think Lewis needs somebody to push him and see if he has the mettle to still compete at this level. Later, Eldon
  5. I think you may be right. If Merc cannot find some more performance out of their car, they are going to lose both titles. Later, Eldon
  6. I'm really hoping that we get to see 4-5 top teams next year fighting with the new spec car. I would like to see a battle between Leclerc, Max, Lewis, Norris and Alonso. I also hope we get to see some good racing and not just strategy. Later, Eldon
  7. @GFWilliamsI misspoke because I just took another look at mine. They are bolted to the subframe. I have also attached the PDF for the support slots. Later, Eldon Cup R rear wing upright slot info.pdf
  8. @GFWilliamsInteresting because the subframe brackets are riveted on. Also, I do have the Lotus dimensions for the cutouts for the rear clam if you would like them. Later, Eldon
  9. Does your rear subframe have the mount that the wing support mounts to? Later, Eldon
  10. NASCAR tried that years ago and it was not very pretty. I seem to remember an F1 race at Indianapolis where there were two tire manufacturers. The teams running on one brand pulled out of the race because the tires kept failing. I believe the race was run with only a half a dozen cars or so. Later, Eldon
  11. I think that they need to show the 4 pot version just as much as the V6 version, if not more. Later, Eldon
  12. Anybody looked at this for the S2? The article says that it is available for the platform. Later, Eldon
  13. You should get a set of these: It makes it so much easier to put the car in the air with a two post lift. These will work with the S3 chassis because they mounted without any problems to my Cup-R. Lift the car then remove the undertrays. Later, Eldon
  14. It is not always the physical time to shift gears but the loss of acceleration during the shift. With the C6X gearbox for the 2ZZ motor, it is not unusual to actually see the MPH drop during a gear change. When you look at data from a PDK, you will not see the shift points because MPH is not lost during the shifts. Later, Eldon
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