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  1. EldonZ

    Formula One

    The announcers said that Merc had optioned to run with the inertial sensor installed and the light from that. It weights like 1.5 Kg so most teams don't run it for qualifying and the race. Later, Eldon
  2. EldonZ

    Formula One

    In a lot of other racing groups they use bump stops that prevent the car from going any lower. I use them on the front shocks of my Cup-R to keep the from splitter from stalling. Maybe their rules do not allow this, I do not know. It is a common problem and most teams, as long as the rules allow, use this method. Later, Eldon
  3. The rule of thumb is that higher octane fuel in a motor, not built for it, will typically reduce the horse power. As mentioned, higher octane fuel actually burns slower thus creating lower cylinder pressure. I run higher octane fuel on the track not for the HP increase but to make sure that I do NOT have detonation issues which can cause very catastrophic results. I believe the V6 motors have a knock sensor which will back timing off if detected thus reducing HP. Later, Eldon
  4. EldonZ

    Formula One

    It definitely was the show that we want to watch at each race. Good racing through the field showing that maybe they got the regulations correct. Curious as to what is it going to take get both drivers from the teams racing for the win. Later, Eldon
  5. EldonZ

    Formula One

  6. EldonZ

    Formula One

    I think you are going to see Max find out that Charles is NOT going to be an easy pass. Remember when Max slammed Charles off the track? I'm sure Charles has not forgotten it! Later, Eldon
  7. Out of curiosity, where did you get the CF clams? Thanks, Eldon
  8. EldonZ

    Formula One

    I really think it comes down to a trust issue. He made a decision to allow the lapped cars by but did not carry out the complete rule of letting all of the lap cars by. If he had done this, I believe it would not have looked as bad. I've seen many races effected by late caution flags that ends up with the fastest car not winning the race. I am fine with that. That is Lady Luck. What I did not like is that the rule of unlapping cars was only partially followed. This is where he made his "Big Mistake". This is where he has lost the trust of doing the correct action with no thought of bias. Later, Eldon
  9. Happy Birthday @C8RKH 🤩
  10. Mine was done by a shop in the UK. Maybe if you call around you might find one that has done V6 Cup-R. Did you try asking Bosch if they have the numbers for an Exige V6 Cup-R? Later, Eldon
  11. @Cup250Ondrej, Sorry, I do not have the lengths either since I did not install the system in my car. I would think that if you reach out to your Bosch rep that Bosch would have these numbers from another Lotus installation. Some of the numbers are going to be specific to where you want to mount the modules. Also, the car/wheel measurements are going to be specific to your car model. Later, Eldon
  12. EldonZ

    Formula One

    @C8RKH& @pete Guys, Please stop the personal attacks. You both have brought interesting conversation to this thread. Everybody is entitled to their opinion because it is their opinion. When emotion gets involved, your opinion has less meaning. I have seen other threads devolve in to this type of back and forth and it really hurts both persons creditability. In the US, we have had to put up with this type of conversations since a certain President has managed to polarize conversations that shouldn't be polarized but discussed. This polarization has started to effect almost all topics of discussion because that is becoming the norm. I come over hear to discuss F1 because there is intelligent discussion and opinions are respected. Have a Great Day, Eldon
  13. EldonZ

    Formula One

    Unfortunately, you have to have Lady Luck on your side in order to win. Max has seemed to have that a lot this year. I have seen many races not won by the fastest car or the car leading before a late yellow flag. It is a heartbreak for MB and LW but it is racing. I'm not to sure about that last call to only let half the field but I do not think they will let the results be changed. Later, Eldon
  14. I have the same dash in my S260 and it is nice. I'm surprised that you say that you received good tech support because most of us have a really difficult time getting tech support. Later, Eldon
  15. EldonZ

    Formula One

    That is one thing that I like about racing in the US, during the Red Flag, the competitors are NOT allowed to touch the car. I have seen this happen to some pretty famous drivers and in some pretty famous situations. When it has happened, either the driver was sent to back of line or was DQed. Later, Eldon
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