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  1. @Jack reminded me that I was running 105/115mm. Yes, the car is a Ginetta. Later, Eldon
  2. Thanks @Jack @550superfast I have the uprights on and have lowered the car to 105/110mm. I could not go any lower because the front wheels will rub the wheel arch if turning the wheel close to lock. I also installed Elise-Parts front/rear sway bars, complete spherical suspension bearings, rear toe links and front control arms. I was able to dial the bump steer, front and rear, out of the car so that is really good. Since the car is so low, I had to install bump stops on the front shocks to keep the splitter from going in to aero stall because of getting too close to the ground under hard braking from a high speed. This actually worked out very well since it frees the car up under braking and turning for low speed corners (50 MPH). Here's a link to video at Barber Motorsports in Alabama, USA which is where the pictures are from that Jack attached. 1b.MOV?dl=0 Let me know if you have any questions. Later, Eldon
  3. @giorgio67 You might want to reach out to @Jack because he has had a Radical and currently owns a 211. Later, Eldon
  4. @Jack Thanks Jack, you did say earlier that you would take care of the pictures! Later, Eldon
  5. @Antflies Anthony, I have your answer. Your vacuum lines are not the same as ours which is what was confusing the problem. Finally found a picture of the SC and associate lines for your car. Your RH Bank breather pipe goes where our Brake servo hose goes. Where your Brake servo, Purge Balve and Airbox vacuum hose goes, ours are all plugged. So, the port that the hose in question goes to just needs to be blocked off. Later, Eldon
  6. Anthony, I looked in the supplementary documentation and I cannot find anything that shows the catch cans. I'll look at the car some more this weekend but I do not know why that line would run forward or what to. Later, Eldon
  7. I've been to Sebring one time in my S260 FE and it beat the hell out of my car and me. I was running Hoosier R7s and turned a lap of 2:26.27 with a max speed of a 134 MPH down the back straight. The trans was slowly self-destructing due to oil failure so that was probably hurting my MPH. The line in question, is it the larger diameter hose? If so, that is the one that goes towards the front of the car which I don't understand why. I'll look again to double check the path. What is the purpose of the line? Later, Eldon
  8. @Antflies Anthony, what were your lap times at Sebring? So, if you look at Jack's picture, do you see your hose location on his picture? Later, Eldon
  9. Anthony, I run Hoosier A7s and enjoy them but I run around 2.8 degs camber all the around. Turn 7 is an interesting corner to brake for if you don't have ABS. Been there, done that! Later, Eldon
  10. The inlet on the air intake is capped. You can see this in Jack's photo. Trying to find the other hose but if it is the same connection, it appears to run to the front of the car. Later, Eldon
  11. The smaller catch can is for the X-Trac sequential. Later, Eldon
  12. @AntfliesThe two hoses are coming off of the cam cover vents only. Later, Eldon
  13. This is how Lotus did it on a Cup-R. Later, Eldon
  14. So, I need to replace the front and rear clams on my Cup-R. The front because it was not in very good shape when I bought the car and the rear because I had a brush with a piece of Armco. There appears to be a couple of aftermarket clams available; Eliseparts and LotusHardTops. Does anybody have any experience with these or with others? Thanks, Eldon
  15. EldonZ

    New 430 cup

    I love the slat walls. Those are really handy to have. What did you put down on the floor? I can't tell if it an epoxy finish or what? Later, Eldon
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