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  1. Maxi, I ended up cutting the mount off the old subframe and the new subframe then welding the old mount on the new subframe. It actually went fairly well and there were some alignment holes to get it in the correct location. The real problem came later when I found that there was a missing blind nut for the left side motor mount bracket on the new subframe. Also, my Exige is a Cup-R with the X-Trac. Thanks, Eldon
  2. That is not the standard Cup-R wing. Does the car have the X-Trac sequential? Later, Eldon
  3. Thanks for the tip. Is it possible you could snap a picture for me? Later, Eldon
  4. I need a favor from someone that has a 430 Cup. If you could take a picture of how the passenger side motor mount mounts to the rear subframe, I would really appreciate it. I purchased a new rear subframe for my Cup-R and I believe that they sent me the subframe for a 430 Cup. They are different in that the standard subframe has a stanchion that is welded on the subframe. It looks like the 430 Cup has something bolted on the subframe. I tried checking the factory parts list but I'm not able to find the 430 Cup engine mount setup. Thanks in advance, Eldon
  5. David, Thanks for the info. I thought the color had been introduced a lot later than that. All I can say about the color is that he told me not to pick it for my car. It could be that it is difficult to blend/match since I tend to be a little rough on bodywork. Here in the US, Exige V6s are only track cars. As far as PPF, here in the US the front of the cars get beat to death. In the winter time, most states put down sand and some states use pea-gravel instead of salt. In those states, it is very common to have to replace the windshield every year or two. When I drove COTA, there was so much sand on the track that the windshield actually had small pitting on it. I agree that when buying a new car, the paint is well cured before you pickup your car. I was referring to a repaint and most shops over here still use non-water based paints. Later, Eldon
  6. I'm wondering if most of the high end cars painted in this color are garage queens. I also do not believe that this color has been around for 50 years. What is your objection to PPF? They now have a brand that is actually self-healing. I'm a proponent of PPF after seeing how well it protects from rock chips, etc. All of my new cars get PPF. When I had my daughter's 350Z repainted, I made her leave it in the garage for 30 days while the paint cured. Then had PPF added to protect the new paint. Later, Eldon
  7. I talked to my body guy and said I was looking at purple color for the Exige Cup-R. He said, "I hope it isn't Plum Crazy because it only looks good for a short period because the sun will kill it". I would strongly suggest that you get it PPF ASAP. Later, Eldon
  8. Do you have a link for the magnetic battery connectors? Thanks, Eldon
  9. Which shims are you referring to? I have to replace the rear subframe on my Cup-R so I would like to know. Thanks, Eldon
  10. The point was not that they should have raced because the conditions were horrible. The point is that they didn't have a race but yet called it a race by doing two laps behind the safety car. Therefore, the fans and advertisers all got screwed in the end. I believe the rules need to be restated that you must have at least X number of Green laps for it to be considered a race. Later, Eldon
  11. I'm sorry but that was not a race. Running two laps behind the safety car to get a classification. Really!? Later, Eldon
  12. I wish you were in the US because I would have snagged the splitter for my Cup-R. 😒 Later, Eldon
  13. My street tires for my S260 are Continental Extreme Wet & Snow tires. I ran them during a wet track day and was amazed at how well they worked. The only car on track during the session faster than me was a Nissan GTR. Now, on the street, you have to get a little heat built up in the tire before it will start working well. Later, Eldon
  14. @C8RKHTires are free during a red flag. What surprised me is that at this level they did not have someone going around the track to see what the track surface was like. I also read that they thought rain was coming again but obviously with everyone switching to drys, no one else thought this. What I saw is that all of the teams got it wrong during the red flag and the leader gets screwed in this case. Since NASCAR has several pitstops during a race, we see this kind of thing happen quite often. Later, Eldon
  15. We have Kyle Busch on this side of the pond. He is one of the best all around drivers I have seen. His attitude would always get him Boos after winning a race. He would just thank the fans and give them a big bow. I'm curious to see how the strategy works out tomorrow. They are saying that if you start on the softs that you are going to have to make two stops. I wonder if RB will try to run long on the softs and switch to the hards. Also, would softs->med->med work out as a good strategy to over come the extra 30 seconds loss on the extra pitstop. I guess we will know tomorrow. 😀 Later, Eldon
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