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  1. You should get a set of these: It makes it so much easier to put the car in the air with a two post lift. These will work with the S3 chassis because they mounted without any problems to my Cup-R. Lift the car then remove the undertrays. Later, Eldon
  2. It is not always the physical time to shift gears but the loss of acceleration during the shift. With the C6X gearbox for the 2ZZ motor, it is not unusual to actually see the MPH drop during a gear change. When you look at data from a PDK, you will not see the shift points because MPH is not lost during the shifts. Later, Eldon
  3. As Jonny said, I am located in the USA. From what Jonny said, I would stick with a "Sessions" track day and not an "Open Pit Lane". That is why I strongly suggested that you speak to others that have run events with the group that you are thinking about attending with. Track Days are suppose to be a fun and safe way to experience your and the cars capabilities in a safe manner. Later, Eldon
  4. My wife runs in Novice class and enjoys driving the Exige at her pace. When we go to a new track, she gets an instructor to help her find the line. After going to the same track a few times, she will test to become a Solo driver but remains in Novice class. One thing most drivers forget about participating in a HPDE is that it is not about how fast you go but how well you play with others. Managing traffic is one of the most important things you need to learn while participating in a HPDE. This is a very important concept from both perspectives; the Passer and the Passe. Ask around and fi
  5. @geartoxWhat are you doing to the car? Later, Eldon
  6. I believe if you were able to dig in even deeper, you would find they even earned more than that. They have figured out that the political theater allows you to earn money, fund raising, with very little effort or cost. Then the way that the tax laws are laid out, you route the money from your campaign, which is heavy monitored, to a PAC that you control. Once the money reaches the PAC, reporting is lost and the money becomes freely accessible to do whatever you want with it. They were able to raise $250M from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021. Some of it went to the National Republican Committee
  7. @TexWhat is the color of your car? I'm trying to decide what green to wrap my Cup-R in. Thanks, Eldon
  8. I've seen two green colored Exige 430 Cups. The dark green metallic and the brighter green. They list three green colors: Isotope Green, Vivid Green and Racing Green. The reason I want to know the colors is that I'm trying to figure out what color to wrap the Cup-R in. Later, Eldon
  9. In the US, we cannot see these pages. Lotus has made their web site region sensitive. All we can see is the Evora and Evija pages. It SUCKS! Later, Eldon
  10. @Team LotusThanks for the response. Did you have protection film installed over the wrap? It sounds like you did what I have been told that a few people will do and makes the car look like it was painted. I'm really leaning towards a wrap but just haven't decided, yet. Thanks, Eldon
  11. Did you have the door seals, etc. wrapped, too? Did they remove the headlights, etc. ? I'm installing new clams on my Cup-R and I'm thinking about getting the wrapped instead of repainted. It looks like wrapping would be about half the cost of painting the car. Is that what you found? Thanks, Eldon
  12. I don't think Biden will die in office but I do not see him running for a second term. I see Harris becoming the next candidate but she will have to campaign for the nomination. Later, Eldon
  13. @andydclementsBelieve me, I am not defending or in favor of Trump. As I stated, most Presidents issue the majority of their pardons during their last month of term and definitely not until after their last term has started. So, using the length of time as a president as a factor I do not believe is a fair comparison. Later, Eldon
  14. Yes, the number does not reflect his current total but I believe his total still puts him on the low side.
  15. @andydclementsThe link you posted is the same one that I saw. It shows Trump being stingy with his pardons. If you believe all of what you here in the news, there was also considerable money being moved around to get a Trump pardon. Also, most Presidents issue the majority of their pardons in the last month of their term. Later, Eldon
  16. It is interesting if you look back through our history of Presidents and see how many pardons and commutations given. As far as counts go, Trump is on the low side. The idea behind pardons was to correct for injustice when justice was served harshly or possibly that public sentiment has changed over the following years. Normally, the DOJ would make recommendation and the president could decide. Normally, the President would vet the pardons through the DOJ. As we all have seen, Trump does what Trump wants to do. Therefore, most of his pardons will be for favor and appear to be based in corrupti
  17. The rears are totally different and not interchangeable. The fronts are similar but different control arms. Later, Eldon
  18. Been there done that. Nothing worse than pressing down on the brake and the motor wants to speed up. My daughter did that in my Exige and resulted in her T-boning a curb and doing around $16K of damage to the front of the car. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy father at that point. Later, Eldon
  19. @TexWhat are the widths? Thanks, Eldon
  20. From what I've heard, via the news, is that the conviction alone does not stop him from holding office. The senate will then have to have another vote that requires a simple majority that would prevent him from holding a federal office again. Later, Eldon
  21. One thing that most do not understand correctly, impeachment is not the end of the process but the beginning. We have had other Presidents impeached but not found guilty by the Senate. Either the President resigned or the Senate did not convict. As long as the impeachment is approved by the House before the President leave office, he can still be convicted after his term is up. He cannot be removed from office but he can be stopped from running or holding another federally elected position. Later, Eldon
  22. He established Florida as his residence awhile ago. He still has interests in NY and is required to pay state taxes there. His main two headaches is that he reported to the government one statement of property worth and reported a different statement to the banks. His second headache is that we called some land around one of his property such that it gave him a $19M tax credit. That credit is in question if it was actually valid. The reason all of this has dragged out is that he has been using his Presidential title as an excuse to not release his tax returns even though the courts told h
  23. @LotusLeftLotusRightThe tax evasion has not gone away. That is a problem in the state of NY which presidential will not cover since it is a state and not a federal investigation. The DOJ and others are waiting until Trump is out of office because you cannot bring a sitting president up on criminal charges. Once he is out of office, he is fair game which is why he wants to pardon himself which would be for things that he has done, not things he hasn't done, yet. The next couple of years are still going to be interesting. McConnell wants him found guilty in the Senate because he believ
  24. Impeachment has no teeth, it's like being indited for a crime and a trial is held. Only if the Senate convicts him are there any repercussions. If he is convicted in the Senate then he will not be able to hold any federal elected government office. I'm not sure about state offices. The big debate is if he self pardons himself, it sets up the legal challenge if a self-pardon is constitutionally legal. Also, if a person that is pardoned excepts the pardon, they are admitting guilt. This also requires that the person then answer all questions asked surrounding the pardon. If they do not, the
  25. You can debate political ideals and beliefs until you are blue in the face. What I try to point out about Trump is not his political ideals or policies. What I try to point out is that POTUS's main responsibility is to be a Leader. A Leader finds well qualified people and gives them a task to do. Those people bring the Leader the information that is needed to make a decision that is not up to them to make. The Leader then listens to this information and makes an informed decision. Now, if the decision is good, the Leader credits those that gave him the information. If the decision is bad, the
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