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  1. Wow yours is 45k trade in...? Good going! Cant advise any further, except you only live once etc
  2. Nice work! What've you done with your old set of side scoops? I think I’d like mine in black rather than white...
  3. I know how amazing would it be to find them!! turns out he also owned this elan...honestly it’s taken me 30 years to realise my uncle had some cool cars...
  4. Oh mate wow! Incredible! How on earth did you find this?! cant tell if the ad is still live or not...but that is incredible thanks so much!
  5. I’m after any info anyone may have on this esprit My uncle owned it but sold it in ‘92 to make was for my cousin, I told him he should’ve kept it and he agreed the lotus would’ve been less trouble! Only info I have is based off the MOT checker website but if anyone has it I’d love to hear off them/see some more pics
  6. Thanks bro Out of interest have you got a pic of the exit of the side intake without the filter in etc?
  7. Hi Imran i know you did a considerable amount of research into this but did you ever consider trialling a ram air type scoop and filter similar to this...? Just thinking in terms of heat soak and air path, which I’ve not looked into on these cars maybe they’re not starved in any way like other cars can be... (happy for this to be deleted if it gets in the way of thread discussion)
  8. Speaking of LED’s, has anyone upgraded the LED interior light to a better one?
  9. Yes he can probably help our esteemed friend who I’m sure he knows pretty well!
  10. Apologies for stepping on anyone’s toes but if it helps others then it’s worth having an option out there... Some may know I work in formula 1 and one of my contacts has a few side projects he’s done in the past making up carbon parts for other race cars (as well as the f1 obviously). With the busy race season lead time may be a long one, but it sounds like this is often the case anyway with aftermarket sellers The only problem is getting the moulds so for this we/he will need a template of what owners have so he can lay-up the carbon So at the moment we’re thinking side sills but he has said he can make some front canards just using my car as a template and making a jig himself to lay up. It might be easier if he does one thing first to concentrate on that...and to see how keep uptake is Basically to make any sills, or anything that has to fit a certain dimension we need a template, basically this is a call out to someone who may have a template for sills as an example that we can use, he expects the cost would be half what other aftermarket companies ask for carbon pieces and perhaps if there is a group buy type thing the person who supplies a template can be compensated for their help, be it a plywood template or mdf etc If this is too much of a faff or may upset anyone doing similar, I’m happy to go it alone and just get him to make one off’s for me based of my own templates as and when I can find time to make some w Happy to hear thoughts from guys who may be able to help, I know guys like alias etc already make their own pieces so not wanting to take away from them Cheers Woots
  11. So cheapest option is £1000 for plastic one?
  12. Can’t we make one from plastic vacuum moulding perhaps? If we can make a mould that shouldn’t be out of reach for someone if anyone has connections..
  13. First day back today after a month off on hols... Jetlag adding to the mix to make me unhappy but, I do get to drive to work in the Exige
  14. No same, I was chatting to a mate who’s got a porker and I even said on their page ‘shame they don’t do anything for the Exige’ as I assumed they didn’t!
  15. Hi mate I messaged them on insta
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