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  1. Any update on the reshuffle of rev limit indication? I.e....lower
  2. The contrast with paint and carbon slats will look awesome will you open up the wheel arches or fit cup wheel arches to let the air spill out of the arch?
  3. Don’t get ripped off, if you’ve got the kit it’s literally a 30 min job with a drill and rivnut tool....I did break a sweat squeezing them but I have small hands
  4. That’s an awesome pic
  5. Had the pleasure of seeing the car and chatting to Martin @Jubu a few weeks ago...awesome bit of kit!
  6. Can’t see anyone mentioning it on here but did anyone raise the car or jack it to fit these? I assume the jackpoint is right where the skirts go so probably not so easy? Or was access underneath adequate?
  7. Looks and sounds awesome, what a monster
  8. Slightly jel as I tentatively had my eye on it but know it would be a lot more than my 350... Michael Taylor is a top guy and will take care of you when they open enjoy
  9. I don’t want to make a new thread for this, and it’s not for sale, just trying to track down the owner...but does anyone know this purple 380? Think the current reg is EV11CUP....
  10. What about your respray will make it so much more than the VX respray? Is it the fact it’s a custom colour? The pigment etc that male up your chosen colour over say another colour? The guys doing it etc?
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