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  1. Ha no the ti is only on cup models 😅
  2. I have a 380/410 backbox available incase anyone wanted one Its promised to someone else but if they don’t want it I’m happy to sell as I no longer have the lotus
  3. Nice! Which ones are these mate? HK?
  4. Yep really need the front wheels turning to get close to an accurate figure, else the ECU has a panic and over fuels/cuts power Enjoy the noise 👍🏼
  5. Jeesusss yes! Get it spent! She’s gonna look awesome!
  6. Notice the weave of the carbon meets in the middle to form a V shape, also known as herringbone. OEM carbon features this pattern including the spitter, roof etc Most aftermarket pieces do not feature this weave pattern
  7. Hmm not sure if it was a special price...Robert Beke at Lotus Silverstone managed to source it for me but not sure if it was sat in their store cupboard or if he could just get it at that price....probably worth me mentioning that they don’t come with the wire mesh which is another £200 I think...I know...expensive chicken wire Let me know if you want me to get a message to him about trying to get another for you or something
  8. Damnnn...I actually think you’re right...maybe it’s that shade of red but you definitely made the right choice....the new wheels look mega
  9. Mate didn’t think you’d said anything offensive in the least we cool x
  10. Thanks mate, yeah pretty chuffed! When it happened I was so down about it but figured if I can get a silver lining then at least it won’t all be for nothing 🙂
  11. At the moment it’s a toss up between going red or gold... I quite like that the gold/bronze style has been a little less done on these, but nothing else on my car is gold, whereas at least red would match the interior accents. And then I look at the 380 Cup and think it looks glorious...
  12. Now time to save for the other things I want... ▫️Re-colour wheels ▫️Fit carpets ▫️380 downpipe and exhaust ▫️Rear wing...
  13. Final part of the rebuild....decided to finish her off with an OEM front splitter in carbon too just to tie it all together... I was hoping to get some canards fitted from the 380, but after looking at the price, decided the other updates were definitely expensive enough...for now...
  14. So now the car is finished, and it’s definitely good to have her back.... Some pics of the updates done to the car... Cup front clam fitting; And the lovely cup louvers 😍 I had to get new wheel arch liners with the slats in so the vents would be functional (obviously not really necessary but something I always wish mine had) As has been noticed a few times on the later cars, the liners are now not fully open, so can’t see the tyres through them but can see light through when looking underneath, so think it’s more on an S-duct configuration to allow some air leakage, but stopping all the grit from flicking up at the screen
  15. How does the 2bular compare to say the 380 backbox with 380 downpipe? Sound much different? Better/worse? It’s lighter I imagine...
  16. Decided while I was at it, it seemed a shame to not try and fit in some updates along with matching the upgraded Cup clam. Ive never really been a fan of the 350 front access panel, didn’t really lend itself any visual drama and after looking at getting a slightly damaged used one I figured I’d be better sourcing a new one. Robert Beke @lotussilverstone managed to source me a brand new one for £1500 including VAT
  17. I wish I had more pics of underneath these, find it all quite fascinating seeing how they’re bolted together...
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