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  1. Thanks. I'm not sure we've properly meet in person as I've not attended the bike events. But I was at the Lotus 70 event where you're car and bike were on display. I was there in the Exige and unable to get my bike there despite wanting to. I had my son with me and wasn't going to invest in a seasucker for a one-off occasion. I 'm known in the 110 club though and was one of the first bikes registered as the club was set up. I used to race mine in the early 2000's era as a junior before I went to being a sponsored pro as a senior where the bike was retired as a sentimental piece of wall
  2. So far we have 10 cars confirmed. With approx another 8 as possible and growing daily. Confirmed cars Range from Elise of all variants from s1-s3, Exige s2, Exige v6’s and an Esprit gt3. If your looking for a post Xmas excuse to get out this would be a good excuse.
  3. Hi Ramjet Theres probably some filtering affecting it- but the colour does go an orangier shade when it’s dull. There’s an ever so slight metallic in the paint that seems to do it. Solar yellow I think is the paint name.
  4. Name: Lotus Exige S Click to view: Lotus Exige S
  5. Hey everyone, Wanted to introduce myself as a new member, I’ve had the Lotus bug for a number of years but not really got into the forums world. Started off with a Lotus 110 bike when I got into cycling as a teenager (StIll own it). First Lotus was an S2 111s in blue. L7 USO if anyone knows it’s where about these days. Loved that car Built a 1/2 scale electric Lotus 7 for my kids. Currently driving an Exige v6 Club Racer in yellow. Absolutely love it. For those of you on Instagram you may have seen my car doing the rounds as I like to take a lot of photos. @t
  6. Haha. Steve they’re just the ‘best pics’ another 20 get taken before I’m happy! I never used the old account really. I’m better known as twistingroads now so better to be consistent on all media’s. Thanks, will do. Not used to the forums world really so my apologies if there’s an etiquette to be followed!
  7. Update- meet 12.15pm at Leekes in Melksham. From there we will do pick up and drive to Bowood Hotel. please reply or dm me with email so I can send the final details out next week. Thanks
  8. Lotus owners needed near Cotswolds/Wiltshire area. A bride to-be has reached out to the lotus community to surprise her fiancée who is a Lotus fanatic but not YET an owner! Starts from Melksham to Bowood around 12.30pm. From sn128ff to sn110lz Convoy needed to arrive at wedding for 1pm. Reply if you would like to join and be part of making someone’s Xmas dream wedding come true. Tell your fellow ‘Lotus mates’ The more cars the better!
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