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  1. Hey Jack

    What Hancooks do you use?

    The 17) 200/610 or 215/615 - 18) 250/640 or 260/660?




    1. Antflies


      Hey Jack

      I got to the track Friday.  I pretty much had your setup you sent me.

      The car was nicely balanced, I didn't check heat across tires, but I might try 24 - 25 psi in all 4.  Maybe Summer in Florida.

      Anyway, the ABS cried uncle in the 2 corners I thought might be an issue.  (Hairpin, and 10 at Sebring) If I was driving competitively, It would definitely be a loss of time.  I had to start braking a touch earlier in those corners, and try to muscle memory the pressure I needed, not to exceed to the point.   Needless to say,  I will be in pursuit of the Bosch Racing ABS solution.  I don't have the AIM system installed yet as well, so being my non interested in my numbers self, didn't video or time my laps.  Eldon was curious, but I can estimate sub 2:20 laps without a problem. Back straight speed before turn 17 was 140.   I managed to pass a 458 Speciale, McLaren 650LT, 18 Porsche GT3 4.0, and Ferrari F8 Tributo.  Can't vouch for the drivers though.  

      Anyway, thanks for the valuable information, it really helped.



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