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  1. Thanks Eldon, and Jack.

    I guess it would be rational to connect my brake servo hose where my RH bank breather hose use to go, and block off where yours is currently blocked.


    Kind of interesting.  My new Catch can will be coming this week.  I am preparing the compartment, and trying to have a new air filter shipped from England in time to replace the large air filter box on the car now.  There is also the fuel evap canister I will be taking off.  I guess I will vent the gas tank line higher up in towards rear window.

    Thanks Again


  2. Thanks Eldon

    My 2010 S240 that I tracked at Sebring, I had to make sure I used the Sector 111 pre track checklist every track day there.  Was definitely tough on suspension.  (Bumpy, but great track)  I actually loosened motor mount bolts on the firewall, on bolt fell out, and other was hanging.

    I did buy a 2010 S260, and didn't track it. It definitely would be better, but it was 22 of 27, and couldn't bring myself to destroying it at Sebring.  If I brought it to Daytona, it wouldn't have the legs.

    With the CUP 360, I have no excuse not to get to the track.


  3. I didn't record any lap-times.  It was a weird track day with the Covid procedures, and me being by myself.

    My old S240, stock power, with slicks 2:25's.

    I took my stock Alfa Giulia QV with Carbon Ceramics to Sebring late last year.  It was definitely faster. 

    My friend rented the track, and I got Christian Fittipaldi to drive a few laps in my car with me in the right seat.

    He liked the torque, etc.  He wasn't any faster than my lap times, so I had him pit in early so I would be able to enjoy the rest of the session.

    Anyway, entering turn 17 in the Giulia, I was hitting 150 before braking.  Christian in the Ferrari 488 street car, was hitting 160.

    My Lotus 360 Cup on my first track day was only hitting 140.  Next month I will try to get some times, etc.

    When I replace the dash cluster with the AIM, it will be much easier.


    I did look at Jacks picture, but can't trace the line from back of super charger towards the front of the car.

    The line use to go to the rear cyl head vent.  The one he has blocked of on line closer to air filter use to go to the front cyl head vent.

  4. Hey Jack


    I am running the same sizes you recommended.  210/610 R17 - 250/650 R18  Mediums, they didn't have soft.

    I did a track day, but told Eldon the car wasn't aligned in front all the way.  It needed the new steering arms.

    I did 3 sessions with the slicks,  pushing a little bit more until the 3rd session.  I was maybe at 9 tenths at best.

    At Sebring, turn 7, is where I am most worried about the ABS, maybe turn 10 as well.  Most other corners not at max braking before corners.

    Any way, I am looking where to route the last intake hose. The one in my hand on picture.



  5. Thanks   I ordered a MOCAL can from the U.K.

    I have to get everything buttoned up for Sebring AUG 21.

    I did one track day, but didn't have the front steering arms on yet.  Needed 1 more degree of neg.  The rear alignment was set for the slicks. Started with DOT's and was no good.  Put the slicks on, and was better.  I gradually stepped it up after each session, but was at 9 tenths at best.  I have the new front steering arms on now, so I will be able to pick it up a little more.  I am a little worried about the ABS whacking out though.  At Sebring, I am just worried that it will be an issue going into turn 7.  Do you have the Bosch ABS installed like Jack?

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