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  1. Hi Filip, The NGK BPR6EKN multi-ground plug is available with two part numbers. 6757 and 1128. Both are the EKN type and both have the two ground design. I think Steve is exploring this. The older engines use the "ES" plug. Andy.
  2. Hi Antonio, Are you sure it's actually part of your Esprit? Andy.
  3. Who refurbed the carbs? What did the refurb entail? Andy.
  4. Not really, the new seals should operate perfectly out of the box. If the pads slide easily and the pistons slide easily, it has to be a handbrake mechanism issue. Has the self adjusting mechanism been assembled correctly inside the caliper? Andy.
  5. Hi Mike, Did you buy the car with this issue? Has it been out of use for a while? Is the fuel fresh? I've read quite a few similar scenarios and just because the carbs have been rebuilt, it doesn't rule them out as the issue. I wouldn't rush into altering the jet sizes as they should be correct. My approach would be to check the jet sizing is still standard, recheck that all jet orifices are clean/clear. No point in looking at the main jets, concentrate on the much smaller idle circuits and emulsion tubes. Check the carbs are assembled correctly and no parts missing. Double check the float height and fuel pump delivery. As Steve said, compression check would be good. Andy.
  6. If everything is new and functioning as you describe, I would suggest a 5 mile drive, on a quiet road, with plenty of moderate braking to bed everything in. When you get home, jack it up and see if things have improved. Andy.
  7. Has this issue started immediately after the carb refurbs? Give us some info on when the car last ran ok and what happened immediately prior to the problem. Andy.
  8. Welcome to the forum William. I'd change all the fluids for a start. Make sure no valves are stuck. Make sure turbo spins. Inspect the inside of the fuel tanks for rust. Fresh fuel. A must will be to get oil pressure up before actually starting the engine. Once the engine is running you can start checking the suspension. Lots to do I suspect, they don't like being stood. Andy.
  9. Hi Russell, On PNM's website, it discusses the occasional need to dremmel the holes a little larger for the larger high flow braided hose fittings to pass. Andy.
  10. Hi Kevin, I fitted AVO shocks from PNM Parts. Seem perfect. Good reports on Gaz shocks too. Andy.
  11. Welcome Richard. Watching with interest. Andy.
  12. Hi Brett, If you have a multimeter, you could easily test the relay (off the car). Usually 60 ohms across 85 & 86. Across 30 & 87a should read 0 ohms. Across 30 & 87 should be open circuit. I don't think it will be that relay at fault in this case. Andy.
  13. I used to keep a log of the spend on my Esprit but that period of masochism soon passed. Now I just keep a log of parts and try to forget the cost. It's the correct bush (probably even original) From what I've seen, those ones always seems to end up squeezed rearward. You may have lost a couple of degrees of caster with the lower wishbone displaced as it is. Andy.
  14. Hi Andy, If it were mine, I'd keep it just as it is while you own the esprit. Maybe make sure the valves and bores are lubed to keep rust at bay. You never know what the future holds and I doubt it will ever go down in value. Andy.
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