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  1. Hi All, Just had my 1990 Esprit Turbo SE in for it's MOT and the CO achieved, during the emissions test, was 1.2% at idle. At a fast idle of 2300rpm it was 0.68%. I was expecting it to me nearer the 3.5% limit, at idle, considering the usual rich running nature of these cars. Does anyone think this is a little lean? I'd be interested in CO data for other de-cat SE's . Andy.
  2. Perfect, thanks Steve. Wondered how it was done. Andy.
  3. Hi All, I'm servicing rear calipers on my '90 SE ready for it's upcoming MOT. They are the 45mm Bendix type with the aluminium cylinder body and cast iron pad holders. Is it possible to remove the aluminium part from the cast iron part? Andy.
  4. Hi Steve, Usually a leaking exhaust manifold gasket is visually evident with sooty marks and the like. Can you not hear a leak while running? usually quite noisy! I'm thinking you may be on the wrong scent here. Your hoover (in reverse) method is unusual but might work with rags stuffed in the throttle body inlets and spraying soapy water on the exhaust manifold. Doubt a hair dryer would be any good. What other "likely sources" for rich running have you checked? What leads you to think it is actually running rich? Andy.
  5. Hi Steve, I certainly wouldn't risk a 27 year old cat with a known over fueling issue. Would be a shame to kill it at this stage. Andy.
  6. Just check them all. Remove each relay and test the continuity through the two coil terminals. Wiggle the terminals about while testing to expose dry joints. Check the secondary injector circuit. Usual suspect is the ballast resistor. All relays and the ballast resistor are usually easy to repair. Andy.
  7. The 3000 figure was voluntary and a realistic expected mileage chosen by me. I'm sure that if I had told them 7000, the cost might only be a little more. Andy.
  8. Thanks for all your help Guys, I've now renewed the insurance on my Esprit 1990 SE for £139.00 with AIB. (Thanks Danny) (£25k agreed value, £300 excess, 3000miles per year, no breakdown cover) For your interest, here's the quotes I received; £139.00 AIB £144.00 Performance Direct £157.00 Peter Best Insurance £182.00 ClassicLine (Includes some breakdown cover) £235.00 Compare The Market website's best quote. Cheers, Andy.
  9. Hi Andy, Would you mind sharing the company's name per chance? Andy.
  10. Thanks guys, I've used the online quote form on Peter Best's website and they are quoting only 10% more that my previous insurance cost with Performance direct. Result. I'll give AIB and Classic line a try too. Will let you know my findings. Andy.
  11. Thanks Dan, Looking at their site now. Andy.
  12. Hi All, Wow, Just got my insurance renewal through. Gone up by nearly 80%. I'm currently with Performance Direct, anyone got any recommendations for a cheaper company? They were leagues ahead of everyone else last year. Andy.
  13. Hi Jukka, Yes, it is exactly as I described in my previous message. The metal "chip" as you call it, is the tip of the adjustment needle. I can see you might have been proggling around as the aluminium is marked. They are factory set so most owners don't tamper with them. The adjustment screw heads are under metal anti-tamper caps on the opposite side of the body. Sometimes the needle tip actually protrudes slightly out of the hole. All depends on the adjustment position. Andy.
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