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  1. Has anybody got this seal and can you explain exactly where it goes please?
  2. Standard contact adhesive works fine
  3. I have been trying for hours to find a route through for a battery cable to power a small sub. The centre tunnel going in form the cabin seems to be rammed tight. Someone on facebook suggested going in from the engine bay - I've had poke around with my cable router but I can't find any way in that way. Any ideas please? I'm getting really frustrated. I've found a single black wire which comes in behind the drivers ear on the pillar. I could drill a hole in there but it's not ideal.
  4. Hi mate, you can buy a replacement for the inside circuit board and display. The part drops on and off on ebay and Amazon, but this is the one which started off from here and which I used I just took out the circuit board and duct taped the new display to the screen front. You'd never know it isn't the original. Mine is on continuously, but if you have the time and the skill I expect you could re-wire the button which changes the time to the hour or minute button, and also put the battery terminals to the constant
  5. Hi thanks. Where do you suggest I lever it ?
  6. Hi I'm new here. Please can anybody help me with how to remove the digital clock or remove the front from the clock to access the inside? I want to change the circuitry as in this post:
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