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  1. Here is a new one
  2. Was quite a common thing on gauges. The reason for it was to enable more accuracy through a fixed voltage supply. The battery voltage fluctuates due to other other things being used, like the headlights. Ten volts is pretty much guaranteed regardless of whatever else is in use. Hope that makes sense.
  3. The hissing noise on choke is quite normal
  4. Could be a week idle mixture or even a blockage in one of the carburettors. Do you ever hear a random popping noise from inside the airbox ? Also possibly could be an air leak on the intake side, which only becomes obvious after heat expansion.
  5. Ok. Thanks for the reply. Have just done the same thing myself, but all seems a bit vague.
  6. Was wondering if you have managed to get the historic status during lockdown?
  7. Yes, the previous owner to the one I bought it from, although came with the standard alloys. If you are interested go to here for a little more on the Morini
  8. No, the rims have been lacquered at some point in the past. Although on close inspection, could probably be done again.
  9. Thanks for the positive responses. Hopefully this will not start a huge debate, but Used 140w oil on the trunnions. Thicker than Ep90, but still oil.
  10. Yes it is an earth wire, I would imagine it is to earth static electricity. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong and hope the picture helps.
  11. A little update. Have managed to get all of the electrics working, even the little spot light thing. Although I am a little suspicious of the fuel sender, in fairness I might just try a good quantity of petrol in the tank to see if the gauge rises further than the small amount it has so far. Had a bit of luck with the interior panel to the right of the centre console and have got a matching replacement. Managed to sort the headlights, they now go up and down as well as light up. Gone through the underside greased and checked, cleaned the carbs replaced the belt and tensioner, changed fluids (just needs a good run to see what leaks/falls off) and managed to replace the headlining.
  12. Hello theelanman. Have just redone my headlining on my Eclat with the 2mm Proflex sheet from Wickes. I found it to work quite well, although try to not crease it (leaves faint lines after applying the lining material to it) and found it much easier than sticking the material directly to the roof. Hopefully in theory, the fact that it is twin-wall in construction and not stuck directly to the roof, should help with any condensation problems.
  13. I have gone down the route of roof and gutter sealant, Black, sticky, waterproof and doesn't fully set.
  14. Hello Mike, have had a look at your resto thread and see you had to bend you're mounts to fit. Have now completed mine (was going to photo the process, but forgot the camera) My sills under the cover are different to yours, in that they are flat and no modification was required. Was wondering if this is an Elite/Eclat difference, or just that mine is a 1979 build and the body was revised later on in production. Also my sills were riveted/glued top, bottom, front and back with no other fixings. Am going to stick with the Kangol Euroflex belts as there are some old dead MGB's not to far from me.
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