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  1. Wait till you get those winter tyres changed, it will be interesting to hear how it sharpens up the ride.
  2. Loving my all weather Sports Racer (I would put some photos up but I can't work it out!) Are the pedals adjustable? I'd like to set the accelerator pedal slightly further down from the brake so as the brake is pushed, I can use the right side of my foot to match the engine speed to the lower gear. I've put my head down in the footwell and can't see any adjustability. My current solution would be to bend the accelerator pedal arm.. Any other recommendations?
  3. It's an amazing car. I'm so glad it's not an ultra low mileage car so I can just use it. It went to North Wales this weekend in horrendus conditions. The winter tyres provided total security in the wet. The roof has been flatted back and polished to remove surface scratches and I'll get the piant work 'refreshed' and ceramic coated in the Spring. I took a good friend for a shot spin on Sunday morning and we both agreed it was the perfect package; beautiful balance of comfort, power, braking, stability, and looks. Loving it..
  4. The UK used car market is so price sensitive to mileage. I hope I've got a good one, it all looks very straight with a nice accountable history.
  5. Glad to have put a deposit down on the white sports racer recently on Piston heads and Autotrader. Looking forward to the experience.
  6. Thanks for this advice. I'll read up about the different gearboxes. The red one you mention is only about 5 miles from me but I've decided I want a manual. Annoying. I'm getting an Evora because I cancelled an order for an A110 after a test drive. Lovely car but just not enough involvement with the auto gearbox.
  7. Thanks Dave. I've got all alerts set. My ideal would be a manual, NA in Red.
  8. Thanks for that info. The only difference to the driving experience being the slightly faster gear changes due to the lower weight flywheel and clutch? All else seems cosmetic. Any info on the sport gearbox would be useful, or am I just imagining that?
  9. Hi, I'm in the market for a pre-400 series Evora (NA Manual). I've read that there were many tweeks and changes across the production span but I can get a clear view on what these are? For example was a closer ratio sports gearbox fitted to all after a certain date or just the 'Sports Racer' model. Any source of reference would be useful or general advice. Are certain options to be avoided? Thanks
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