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  1. Please pop cars for sale in the free classifieds. - buddsy
  2. I'm thinking of moving on to a proper S3 Turbo. The V6 is a real pleasure to drive and maybe I'll regret this but I fancy the real thing. This V6 car is now up for sale:
  3. I’ve got the car running on a regular basis. I’ll be out for a nice long drive this Sunday morning around the East of Leicester if anybody wants to meet up for a drive or look at the car PM me. Andy
  4. I’ve got my car running on a regular basis. I’ll be out for a nice long drive this Sunday around the East of Leicester if anybody wants to meet up for a drive or look at the car PM me. Andy
  5. In other news, the car passed it's MOT last week. 🙂 I'm chuffed to bits, and of cause the project's not finished. My MOT guy is very friendly and there are still a few things to sort out including only one HL pod operating. Also some non MOT stuff I still need fixing such as the rev counter and electric windows. And then threre are the two problems I picked up on the way home from the MOT: The baby pheasent (or similar) I hit which cracked the front bumper around the number plate and on ariving home I couldn't find reverse to put it back in the garage. But I guess that's all part of
  6. About the AJ V6 to original (Citroen) gearbox adapter plate; I could not find anything in the paperwork I recieved from Steve (previous owner). However Steve did email me the follwing usefull info and three documents linked: "Here an adaptor plate drawing I used as a basis for the start of my design (linked below), this one should not be used as there are some hole positions which are not correct but the overall sizes are ok, and a picture of the Jaguar torque convertor adaptor. The flywheel ring gear was taken from The Jaguar torque convertor adaptor and tack welded to the new flywh
  7. Update: Over the last couple of months I've ticked enough of the the major jobs that I was able to refit her wheels newly shod in Continental PremiumContact, lower her back to the ground and start her up. Video of start up Then drive her out of the garage for the first time since I got her back from the tuners Video driving out of the garage. The squealing is just the Aux belt which later disappeared with a bit of belt dressing spray. As for the outstanding work I've: Freed up the gear linkage and can now select all gears. Got brake pressure (rear callipers were upside
  8. I'll have a look through the previous owner's paperswork to see if it's there. He did all the hard work!
  9. Diary update just to keep things ticking along. Feedback from the guys who did the mapping was really positive. They checked it all over and reported a few minor things as well as having to replace a cracked thermostat housing. Main items I need to sort are: Engine bay wiring and pipework untidy and insecure Heat shielding required around ECU and wiring in exhaust area Gear shift stiff and reverse not available - Any body know the best place to source new cables from? small oil leak from gear box end plate Brakes had no pressure under peddle hand brak
  10. Videos on youtube Sound from outside Checking it over Final power run
  11. I’ll be collecting the car from the tuners on Saturday, can’t wait! I was lucky enough to watch Troy and Alex do their thing for a couple of hours. She made 213 (flywheel) with the air filter off! Not what I was hoping for TBH as data dared in the Jag they make 240. I have plans, don’t you worry 😉 Enjoy the pic’s, I’ll upload the vids later when I’m on WiFi
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome. I posted an intro here. The plan for the car is: engine service & get it mapped refurb wheels & fit new tyres (thinking about gold centred wheels). I've got a set of Verdestine Sportrack 5 arriving next week fix the droopy drivers door tidy up the engine bay exhaust heat management MOT & drive! Make a little more headroom. I'd like to delete the aftermarket sunrooof which intrudes into the cabin head room fix up minor bodywork issues I'm a realist however and fully anticipate burning all my bu
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