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  1. Thanks for that, the trackday noise limit shouldn't be an issue because I've only ever done track nights before and they don't really seem to care about the noise on them, been to the ring and plan to with the Lotus and never seen anyone thrown off for noise, how loud is it in the noise tests? What are the running costs like, pads and discs, clutch etc and how long would each item last? I'd only be doing maybe 3 trackdays a year so I'd budget for a set of tyres and discs and pads a year doing 5k road miles on top of the trackdays Unfortunately the only 380 cup for sale at the minute is out of my price range or else I'd be extremely interested in it
  2. Hi there I'm Stu, just joined and live up in the north of Scotland. I'm looking at getting an Exige in the next year either a new sport 350 or preferably a 2 year old sport 380. What are the main differences between the 2 apart form the exterior aesthetics and the smaller supercharger pulley that lowers the rev limiter? Does the sport 380 have the same loud exhaust as the cup 380? Any other differences that I should be aware of? Thanks Stu
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