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  1. Hi Kubera, If you are just talking about the blade, the Bosch AeroTwin AR26U was a great upgrade for my Elise S3. Works much better than the original. Good luck.
  2. Hi Paul, I use an Optimate4 which comes with both crocodile and wired connection leads. This device monitors, tests and charges the battery as required. Have a look on Google. Jim
  3. I'm picking up this thread which is similar to my own post entitled 'Alarming lack of initial breaking in the wet'. What pads have you changed too? I've now spoken to both A P Racing (Elise and Evora front calipers) and Circuit Supplies who distribute pads for A P Racing. Neither company had heard of this problem. A P Racing do not manufacturer pads but buy them in but thought it could only be the pads as a disc will dissipate water immediately. However, Circuit Supplies didn't think it could be the pads and questioned whether the servo was the problem. But I only have this problem in the
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. However, a £50,000 car that doesn't stop very well in the rain doesn't sound like a good design feature to me! Funnily enough there is a ford in Sidmouth, our local town, and yes there is a sign telling you to test your brakes, but I thought that was for cars built 50 years ago with drum brakes! I don't know what pads are on the car, but that is probably my first area of looking for a remedy. I shall call A P Racing on Monday to see what their take is. I'll try your suggestion of lifting off and then re-applying to see if that makes a difference. A bi
  5. Had to do an emergency stop on the A 303 today in wet conditions and was alarmed to find a severe lack of initial braking. The amount of pressure I had to apply to the brakes just seemed out of all proportion to get the car stopped in time, which it nearly didn't. I was only travelling about 40 mph but the brakes just didn't seem to want to bite. I had this before after cleaning the car and driving down our driveway only to find there were no brakes for the first 20 feet or so. I understand the servo on these cars is a lot less than say an Audi TT, but this was scary and always seems to be in
  6. I'm interested in seeing posts for anything in the 'Elise / Exige Chat' section. How can I get email alerts for this or is there another method of getting alerts?
  7. I'm quite happy to have a look at my S3, but you seem to be a lot more practical than I am. Not sure how I would get to see it. Any suggestions? Looks like you've removed the wheel. I don't even have a jack!
  8. Now that looks pretty smart. At first I couldn't understand what the wood was for, but now realise it's for holding the footrest in place rather than bolting or screwing it to the alloy. That's going to be a lot more comfortable on long runs. I don't understand why Lotus don't fit a left foot rest as standard. In our 2007 Elise there was a foot brace in the passenger footwell, which seemed a bit unnecessary to me, so why not a drivers foot rest? I bet it wasn't easy working in the footwell.
  9. So what is the Japanese 'tug'? Had a few over the years, Nissan 300 ZX, Subaru WRX STi, Honda S2000 (most dangerous car I ever owned) and recently replaced my Kia Stinger GTS for the Elise 220 sport.
  10. Wow, very nice! Location's not bad either. Friend of mine has just purchased a Cayman 981 S.
  11. How do you intend to secure it? Welding aluminium is a specialist job, or are going to bolt it in place. I would be interested to see photos of the finished section.
  12. Have to agree I have the same problem. Surprised they don't fit one. Our S2 Elise had a foot rest for the passenger.
  13. Thanks Bibs, I did wonder if the servo was very limited, but had no way of knowing, so thank you again. Still loving it!
  14. I’ve noticed that during heavy braking on my recently acquired Elise 220 Sport, I seem to have to use a lot of pedal pressure in comparison to an Audi TT for example. Just wondered if this was a characteristic of the Elise? I also notice that after washing it, the brakes appear not to work for a few yards before eventually biting. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts
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