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  1. So I have found the wires and plugged the central locking module in. Still not working. My car came without central locking and I was told I only needed this module and plug in.... Maybe I need more parts or need to do something els. Any information much appreciated.. Thanks.
  2. I have got the switch panel off, I can not find where the central locking module plugs onto. Any ideas please......
  3. Hi, Can any one please help me, how do I remove this light switch cover? I have taken the 2 screws out but I can not remove the panel, It is still fixed in very strong and I don't want to break it. Any advice please....
  4. Hi, I have a Elise 2014 without central locking. I was told if I was to buy the central locking module 455, that I would only have ti plug it in and the central locking will then work. Can anyone give me information to where it is situated in the car and how to get to it to instal it. My car is RHD. Thanks.
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